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LEAVING A LASTING IMPACT Lake Oconee Dentistry’s Vision Goes Way Beyond Dentistry

I was looking through some files the other day and came across a picture of our old Harbor Club office. We’ve been in our new office for nearly five years now, and, looking at the old office, it seems like a lifetime ago.

Patti and I fix teeth. It’s what we’ve chosen as a profession. It’s how we make a living. After 25 years of practicing dentistry, we’ve mastered the “fixing teeth” part. Although we still enjoy the clinical side, Patti and I realized a few years ago that we needed a bigger vision than simply restoring smiles. Like our practice, our vision needed to grow in order for it to be meaningfully significant for the next 25 years. Patti and I weren’t born in the lake area. We chose to live in this area, like many of our patients. Being here for 20 years, we’ve seen the area grow, and it’s been fun being a part of it. We’ve always made it a point to volunteer in the community, giving our time and resources to support various organizations and causes. A few years ago, Patti and I asked ourselves, “What would happen if we could teach everyone who works for us to do the same — give of their time and resources to make a difference in the community?” If we could instill a love for serving others into the hearts of our rapidly growing team, perhaps we could help affect change on a larger scale. So, we broadened our vision. We began actively teaching and training our team members — something we continue to do to this day. Some of those trainings are clinical in nature, but many others are on delivering great customer service, improving leadership skills, and teaching financial stewardship. We teach team members how to give by modeling it and then give them the tools to do the same. For the last several years, our practice has hosted Dentistry From The Heart, a free day of dentistry for those in need. This past November, we hosted Stars, Stripes & Smiles, an event that provided free dentistry for veterans and active military personnel. These events are great examples of our team coming together to serve. The events are completely voluntary. Team members choose to donate their own time and skills to be a part

“And it’s true, Lake Oconee Dentistry looks a lot different in 2018 than it did in 1998. Back then, Patti and I started with just one team member. Today, we have a team of 24.”

A Bigger Vision

Occasionally, patients who have been with us from the beginning will comment, “Wow, you’re really growing,” or “The practice has become so high-profile.” And it’s true, Lake Oconee Dentistry looks a lot different in 2018 than it did in 1998. Back then, Patti and I started with just one team member. Today, we have a team of 24.

That kind of growth sometimes begs the question, “Why are you choosing to get so big?”

Well, here’s the short answer: We have something great to offer and can make a difference in peoples’ lives. We want to help as many people as possible.


The longer answer comes down to the vision Patti and I have for the practice.

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