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REVEL L PRESENT S CHILDREN’S MISSIONARY LIBRARY By Vernon Howard Illustrated by J. L. Craig r HUDSON TAYLOR ' ; i ......... 1 I > v fSÜ BOOK I— David Livingstone BOOK 2— Hudson Taylor BOOK 3— Adoniram Judson BOOK 4— Mary Slessor At last the heroic stories of great missionaries are made available to children of the 9-12 group. These are the first four books of a twelve book set, each telling the dramatic story of a well known missionary. Children will love these stories— as colorful as the comics, as in­ spiring as Horatio Alger, and as reverent as the Scriptures. Each book contains 17 beautiful illus­ trations in four colors. Parents and teachers, everyone who works with children will enthusiastically welcome these books. . . . Each 75c


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Many parts of the universe are seething with turmoil as revolu­ tion and communism spread from land to land. Fortunately for the peace of the world, some areas where religions have been upset, such as Japan, are turning to Christianity, and asking for Bibles. You can grasp this golden op­ portunity—and help yourself at the same time—by purchasing an American Bible Society Annuity Agreement. Under this great Christian Plan you receive finan-

cial security, at the same time help spread the Word of God. Whether you are a, shrewd businessman or are dependent on others for financial advice— you can make no better invest­ ment. You receive a generous, regular income which never varies even when times are bad— and which can be passed on to your survivor if you so arrange. Learn how this remarkable Christian Plan, which is doing so much for the world, can be­ come a very advantageous Life Plan for you!


A practical treatment of the para­ bolic message of Jesus and a study of HIS attitude toward contem­ porary problems. The clarity of Dr. Ayer’s exposition and the vivid outlines of Bible backgrounds are written in the author’s character­ istic style which has endeared him to millions of his regular radio listeners. This book will delight all Christians because it is Scrip­ tural and spiritual, aimed at the exaltation of Christ, the conver­ sion of the unsaved, and the up­ holding of the church............ $2.25 — " At All Bookstores _______ FLEM ING H. REVELL CO. NEW YORK 10

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