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WHAT IS AN ENDOWMENT FUND? An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested and each year a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose. Any earnings are used to build the market value of the fund and support its goal in perpetuity. HOW IS THE DISTRIBUTION FROM A FUND USED? The spending distribution from each endowment fund is used to support the purpose as specified in the endowment agreement between the donor and Levine Academy. WHO MANAGES LEVINE’S ENDOWMENT ASSETS? The Levine Academy endowment funds are managed by the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation (DJCF). The DJCF is a tax-exempt, non-profit with a mission to build permanent endowments, donor-advised, and named funds for the public benefit. ESTABLISHING AN ENDOWMENT FUND CREATES A PERMANENT LEGACY OF SUPPORT FOR LEVINE. LEARN MORE AT: http://www.djcf.org

ENDOWMENT DONORS Janet Bucher Benjamin Calmenson ENDOWMENT FUNDS • Waldman Teacher Excellence Endowment • Gerda Vogel Marx Israel Experience Endowment • Wende Weinberg Endowment for Jewish Education • Ian Jacoby Memorial Endowment Fund • Trevor Stokol Scholarship Fund • Roseman Memorial Early Childhood Scholarship • Helen E. Risch Early Childhood Scholarship Grant

THE ANNUAL WALDMAN TEACHER EXCELLENCE AWARD Thank you to Andrea & Loren Weinstein and their family for once again facilitating this award in memory of Sadie and William Waldman (z”l). This year’s Teacher Excellence Award winner was Middle School Social Studies Teacher Rachelle Okowita. Mazel Tov to Mrs. Okowita for being the recipient of this special award. “My family is extremely grateful that the spirit and intent of awarding Levine Academy teachers has continued to bring to the forefront the tremendous effort they make every day, thus enabling each student to be his or her best.” -ANDREA WEINSTEIN

Roni & Neil Cummings Daphna & Asaf Epstein Batya & Aaron Friedman Kari & David Goldberg Ashley & Marc Grossfeld Sharon & Barry Horn Karla & Eric Jacoby Betty & Fred Kenner Melanie & Neville Kling Melanie H. Kuhr Beverley & Peter Lewin Helen & Frank Risch* Andrea & Loren Weinstein*

19 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

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