2022-2023 Flame


STEM-15 OCULUS Experience virtual dissections and immersive experiences in both general studies and Judaic studies. WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM Students become better readers, thinkers, and learners in a discipline, by processing their ideas through writing. Increasing the amount of time students are writing also improves a student’s ability to recall information, make connections between different concepts, and synthesize information in new ways. Teachers have similar expectations for their students’ writing product across disciplines and throughout all grades in school. This encourages students to produce their best writing not only in language arts classes, but all core classes. ADL NO PLACE FOR HATE SPOTLIGHT AWARD Ann & Nate Levine Academy was the first recipient of this award, given to one of the ADL ‘No Place For Hate’ (NPFH) campuses that has done an excellent job of combatting bias by working with educators, students and parents to foster an inclusive community on their campus. They have complimented our school for all of the hard work this year with ‘A world of Difference Training’, NPFH activities like visiting the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum and sharing resources with parents. DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION We continue to perfect our proficiency in Differentiated Instruction (DI) - an initiative we started five years ago. DI tailors instruction to meet individual student needs. Teachers differentiate content, process, products, and the learning environment; they also use ongoing assessment and flexible grouping to customize the learning experience for their students.


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