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January 2018


2017 was a great year for our law office. When you’ve got your nose to the grindstone working various cases, you can sometimes lose the forest for the trees. This New Year’s, I took a step back and looked at the big picture, reflecting on some of the cases we’ve closed and the people we’ve helped. One through line became apparent to me — the value of perseverance and hard work. WHILE THE ODDS SEEMED STACKED AGAINST US, WE BROUGHT 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO THE COURTROOM, ALONG WITH A LITTLE CREATIVITY AND MUCH PERSEVERANCE. These values are important in any field, but in law, your work ethic directly affects the lives of other people. I believe in going the extra mile, bringing cases to court that other firms may have settled on. That willingness to fight for our clients in the courtroom is part of the reason I started this law office. Whether in criminal or personal injury cases, people deserve legal representation from people who don’t believe in taking shortcuts or taking the first acceptable settlement and walking away.

up this year was a DUI case. Our client had both drugs and alcohol in his bloodstream. To make matters worse, the client had significantly injured another person while operating the vehicle, which made the case a serious felony. Because of his prior criminal history, the offer was a state prison commitment with a strike allegation. While the odds seemed stacked against us, we brought 35 years of experience to the courtroom, along with a little creativity and much perseverance. The facts were indisputable. The client had intoxicating substances in his system. What the prosecution could not prove, however, was whether or not the driver had consumed enough to be considered under the influence as defined by California law. We drove this point home, reducing the case to a first-time misdemeanor. In the end, our client didn’t have to serve a single day in jail. On the personal injury side of our business, we had a client who had been “accidently” pushed down a flight of stairs. His ankle was severely broken, requiring extensive medical treatment. Despite this, the homeowner’s insurance didn’t feel it had to pay. The insurance company learned just how serious we were. After the insurance company withdrew their coverage, we continued to pursue the case. Ultimately, the judge ruled in our favor, requiring the company to pay three times their policy limit. This meant our client was able to cover his medical expenses and move forward with his life.

Another case we closed involved a client accused of trafficking methamphetamine across international borders, a serious felony. He was looking at a 10-year sentence in Federal prison, so our team took the time to conduct a thorough investigation and found holes in the prosecution’s case. Specifically, the government produced the wrong car that they were going to show at trial. By preparing diligently for trial, we managed to reduce our client’s sentence from 10 years in federal prison to straight probation. That’s a decade of our client’s life he can spend with his family and friends. That is worth fighting for. As we head into 2018, I keep cases like these in mind. Without a willingness to go to court or a rigorous attention to detail, things may have gone very differently for our clients. We promise to bring the same dedication to all our cases in the new year. To those we’ve represented over the years, thank you. It’s always been a privilege to represent you.

May you have a prosperous 2018!

The cases we concluded in 2017 speak to the power of this philosophy. One that wrapped

— Elliot Kanter


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