Safety Connection

Safety Connection Safety Connection features robust analytics, GIS capabilities, and flexible contact management. In addition, customers with global contacts can leverage a single access point to notify contacts and manage contact data across multiple distributed data stores — a unique “globally local” approach.

KEEP POPLE INFORMED All the power of Mass Notification PLUS the location intelligence to: • Know who is in the building and communicate with them in case of location-based emergencies. • Automate communications and collaboration for mustering purposes and evacuation plans. • Automate evacuation rostering during emergencies. • Target outreach via SMS text, voice, mobile app, digital signage or desktop alerts. • Instantly trigger a personal SOS alert to send a message to your security team. LOCATE PEOPLE IN HARM’S WAY Save time and automatically update employee locations even when they are traveling or moving between buildings and campuses. Aggregate location data from: • Access control systems • Wired and wireless network access points • Office hoteling systems • Corporate travel management systems • Medical and Travel Security assistance providers like International SOS IMPROVE PERSONAL SAFETY Organizations have a duty of care and social responsibility to ensure their remote and travelling employees are safe. Safety Connection provides mobile SOS functionality that allows individuals to request assistance in times of need. Our mobile app changes your smartphone into a secret bodyguard to: • Stay safe when travelling. • Stay informed of company alerts.

• Stay connected when working alone or remotely. • Enables you to see something... Say something.

PRIVATE INCIDENT ZONES Automatically send multi-modal alerts to people who enter a geo-fenced area with an active event. Easily reach people who may have just arrived at a locationand were not sent previous alerts.

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