EFP Content Pack Guide 2020-r6.2

Epicor Financial Planner - Content Pack Guide


With Epicor Financial Planner, you have the possibility to extend your financial planning & analysis solution to include added capabilities. The add-on packages of Epicor Financial Planner are: Advanced Financials Pack • Accounts Receivable (AR)

• Epicor ERP • Epicor iScala • Epicor Enterprise • Prophet 21

Benefits • Create unlimited number of simulations to test the cashflow impact of your supplier or customer payment terms and habits • Set up an automatic roll-up that allows you to view data for either short term or long-term views • Do both direct and indirect cash flow planning • Perform detailed cash flow planning and analysis • Automate the generation of AR and AP records for better tracking • Gain the ability to automatically populate data driven by real-time events • Drill up, down, and through any transactions in order to investigate or understand specific figures better • Leverage other accounting features like budgeting and reconciliation • Generate a seamless flow of information across multiple systems through the integration capabilities of EFP • Streamline the capital asset planning process for your organization • Replace multiple department-based spreadsheets with a single and unified capital asset planning platform • Track the depreciation of existing and forecasted assets • Use the standard depreciation schedule as per the choice of your organization • Gain the ability to handle eliminations, allocations and automatic voucher posting for a more automated consolidation ability • Monitor the sales process and interface it properly with the financial forecasting process • Get full visibility on the profitability of your organization • See how workforce and organizational performance impact your overall business • Drive a sales management workflow from sales to finance with reliable traceability • Gain a secure online access to EFP SaaS data using Power BI or other analytic tools • Have the option of starting small and add additional legal entities once ready

• Accounts Payable (AP) • Human Resources (HR) • CAPEX / Fixed Assets (FA)

• Virtual Segments in GL (like Customer and Supplier) • NEW: AR/AP personalized multi-page dashboard (SaaS only) Advanced Consolidation Pack • Advanced Eliminations • Intercompany Matching • Multi-Group and Multi-Level consolidation • Configurable consolidation rules • Advanced Currency handling • Partial Ownership / Equity Method • Complex ownership over time • NEW: Manual top-side Journal entries with Excel import options Sales Pack • Sales Process by day (orders, invoices, customers, products) • Sales budgeting by month or day, product, customer • Advanced sales statistics and reporting • COGS separation into cost buckets (Labor, Direct Cost, Material etc.) • Sales Commissions including both orders and invoices • NEW: Sales personalized multi-page dashboard (SaaS only) Profitability Analysis Pack • Multi-dimensional allocations for profitability analysis • Virtual segments in GL (like Customer & Supplier) • Daily Automated Analysis • Profitability by Product, Customers, Departments and more Microsoft Azure Data Connect • Provides EFP data as secure native Tabular data source in Azure • Additional analysis capability using Power BI, Excel or other tools. • Licenses for Power BI or other analysis tools needed not included

Legal Entity • Adds 1 additional legal entity

Epicor Financial Planner - Content Pack Guide

Advanced Financials Pack This module contains multiple parts that you, as customer, can choose to enable or not. This Advanced Financials Package includes Accounts Receivables & Accounts Payables analysis and automation, Human Resources budgeting and reporting, Virtual segments in GL like customer and supplier. AR/AP Inclusions: AR/AP in this module is mostly for reporting. It can be used for daily/ weekly cash flow. This is especially useful for reporting and consolidation in multi-company, multi- currency environments. • Automatic Aging calculation on your own selections • Adjustable aging intervals • Automatic forecast payment calculations on your own selection • Management of outstanding and historical receivables • Analysis and forecasting of payment habits from customers • Manual Changing and Adjustment of payment dates to reforecast payment date • Detailed management overview that spans over single company or multiple companies with instant response time • Simple selections and filter capabilities for further investigation • Automatic payables history • Management of outstanding and historical payables • Easier and structured review of invoices to ensure billings are in accordance with contracts, purchase orders, work orders and packing slips

Human Resources: HR in this module is mostly for budgeting. It can be used for reporting as well but that normally requires custom integration or import from your HR system. This additional feature allows you to see how workforce and organizational performance impact your overall business. The HR functionality includes a separate model for HR budgeting for salary and hourly employees that connect into financials. With this enhanced functionality, you can integrate with your HR system and load your HR data into EFP. This will facilitate payroll budgeting and link final figures to the financial model (to general ledger). Here are a few other areas covered: • Use multiple organization types like company or cost center to assess and evaluate your business • Analyze payroll data in both actual and budget data • Handle salary, fringe benefits, statutory calculation with just a click of a button • Look at organization charts on any device • Add business rules to streamline your operations • Hiring to retiring management of transactions • Control access to information based on role • Visualize your headcount plans and identify where recruitment is necessary • Set and automate region-specific requirements for improved efficiency and compliance • Support company regulations such as probations or notice periods CAPEX/ Fixed Assets: This part of the module has existed for a long time. CAPEX here is limited to only budgeting/ forecasting for new Assets.

This is fully integrated with Epicor FA for budgeting and reporting.

Virtual Segments in General Ledger (Customer & Supplier): This part of the module has two particular benefits – one on reporting and the other one on budgeting. • Reporting benefit – with this, you will be able to make GL Reports based on Customer and/or Supplier. • Budgeting benefit – with this, you will be able to do GL budgeting and follow up for Sales or Purchasing based on GL data in a way not otherwise possible.

Epicor Financial Planner - Content Pack Guide

Advanced Consolidation Pack This Advanced Consolidation Package allows you to improve the pace of your financial close process. The included capabilities in this add-on module allow you to improve efficiency and reduce risks in financial close and reporting. This add-on module will allow you to modernize and automate the aggregation of numbers from account reconciliation, data loading, consolidation, reporting, and adjustments to disclosure and tax reporting. This is a unique business value package within advanced consolidation pack where you can now do financial consolidation + reporting + budgeting/planning + account reconciliation. This significantly allows you to more easily model changes to the business for a faster financial close process. It covers the following:

Sales Pack This module works for both budgets and forecasts as well as for reporting. On budgets or forecasts, you will need this module in order to get to product level budgeting as it loads data from Sales subledger in Epicor. For reporting from ERP sales ledger, you can go down to day level reporting. Sales pack allows you to monitor the sales process of the organization and be able to interface it properly with the financial forecasting process. EFP has a unique ability to load sales ledger from Epicor and other systems. This means, with this sales pack, you will now have the power to load sales data down to each product and order. This will allow you to budget and report by product, by sales order, and by salesperson.

• Advanced Eliminations • Intercompany Matching • Multi-Group and Multi-Level consolidation • Configurable consolidation rules • Advanced Currency handling • Partial Ownership / Equity Method • Complex ownership over time

You can even do commissions calculations and base your budget on that.

This sales pack will instantly give the following benefits: • Drive sales management workflow from sales associate to sales managers to finance with reliable traceability • Track the products your account managers have sold to the customers in a simple, straightforward way • Do cost budgeting • Perform quantity-based budgets based on price list • Budget in multiple preferred customer currencies • Track order stocks over time • Post back to the workbench for MRP calculation • Determine costs to manufacture existing orders • Calculate real order sales margin • Perform advanced sales statistics analysis and reporting • Calculate real order sales margin • Have the option to split the cost of goods sold (COGS) into specific cost buckets

Epicor Financial Planner - Content Pack Guide

S ales Commissions including b oth orders and invoices: This capability within the sales budgeting pack allows you to calculate and post commissions for easy commissions tracking. This capability will allow you to put all the pieces together and define how the commission should be calculated. Sales Commissions using this capability are calculated upon sales order invoice which means it will go through and process a sales order all the way through invoicing and then look at the resulting calculation and ledger postings for commissions. You can then track sales commissions seamlessly and generate a commissions report. This can also be made as basis for your budget if preferred. Profitability Analysis Pack This module is for reporting only and has limited value in budgets/forecasts. The core of the Profitability analysis add-on module is to answer the following questions: • Who are your 10 most profitable customers? • What are your 10 least profitable products? • What is last year´s most profitable project in the group (across legal entity boundaries)? This module does so by making virtual allocation postings into a special member of the business process dimension which will make it possible to get a fully multi-dimensional allocated report across a multi-company and multi-currency organization. Through the advanced account mapping features, it is now possible to do all the aforementioned capabilities even if the account and project numbering is inconsistent in the organization. The insight gained in Profitability Analysis will aid in determining strategic direction as well as in correctly setting assumptions in the budgeting and planning process. Microsoft Azure Data Connect Pack This package gives you access to EFP data from a native Azure tabular data source. This is especially beneficial if you want to use Power BI or other analysis tools that can connect to Azure tabular data sources.

This is a valuable pack for companies that have chosen to standardize analytics using Power BI as this will ensure a secure online access to EFP SaaS data. Note: Payment to power BI (or any other analytics tool) is separate but is not a pre-requisite to purchase this add-on data connect pack in EFP.

Additional Legal Entity This adds an extra entity to the selected license level. This allows you to start small and simple with just a single entity. Once you are comfortable and confident, you can then begin adding additional legal entities to your license level. FREE TRIAL Try Epicor Financial Planner using your own data. For 30 days, you can experience the solution for yourself and your team. • We sign a Non-disclosure Agreement • We load your data into EFP • Once data is setup, we offer you a FREE 1-hour onboarding session with an EFP consultant • Once you know what we have set up, you start building your own reports • You can also test out the built-in budgeting workflow yourself • You get priority access to support for your questions

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About Epicor Financial Planner Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) delivers full financial reporting, planning, budgeting, performance management, and consolidation capabilities that complement your selected combination of ERP and line of business systems. It is designed to support a multitude of moderately complex to very complex business issues and is designed to scale as your business grows in revenue and complexity. To see a demo of Cloud EFP today or to inquire about its pricing, please email info@dspanel.com or speak to your Epicor Account Manager. You may also visit www.efpcloud.com for more info.

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