Dialogue - December 2017

6\Y4PZZPVU! “To promote, strengthen and represent the electrical industry in Ontario.” Dialogue A Publication of the Ontario Electrical League Issue 39-4 • December 2017


Tal Trees Lends a Helping Hand in Florida’s Restoration Post Irma

6XEPLWWHGE\6SDUN3RZHU&RUS S park Power Corp is proud to share that our Tal Trees Power Services team from Belleville, Ontario was one ofmanyCanadian crews that supported Florida’s restoration post Hurricane Irma. There were many requests for assistance and our team immediately responded. The Tal Trees crew of eight linemen and five bucket trucks began their journey early on September 9, arriving in St Petersburg, Florida and working in excess of 16-hour days throughout the restoration efforts. “We know how important electricity is – it pretty much drives everything we rely on day- to-day,” says Jason Sparaga, Co-Founder and CEO of Spark Power Corp. “We’ve heard from partners that approximately 4.4 million homes and businesses – or 15 million people – were without electricity across Florida,” 6XEPLWWHGE\:6,% B uilding on a 6.2 per cent reduction to the average premium rate in 2017, the WSIB will be offering a 3.3 per cent reduction to the average premium rate for 2018. This brings the total cumulative reduction to the average premium rate since 2016 to 9.3 per cent. TO ENSURE DELIVERY, MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP! 38%/,&$7,2160$,/$*5((0(171R


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which recently weathered a historic storm, and must now cope with an unprecedented loss of power. “We’re proud to offer our support,” adds Sparaga. Irma, which stretched 650 miles from east to


WSIB Offers Further Premium Rate Reductions In 2018

The reduction will bring the average 2018 premium rate down to $2.35 for every $100 of insurable earnings from $2.43 in 2017. Rate Group 704, which represents many Electrical and Incidental Construction Services employers, will see a reduction of 7.4 per cent on their 2018 premium rate. This builds on a reduction of 7.9 per cent for this rate group in 2017 compared to 2016. The WSIB is funded solely by premium revenue. So, when setting premium rates for 2018, we had to incorporate costs for legislation related to chronic mental stress (CMS).



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