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A lot of people struggle to keep up with a regular wellness routine because they lack accountability to hold them to it. Whether it’s exercise, meditation, or healthy eating, if you go through the process alone, it’s that much harder to will yourself to see it through. But at a time when isolation is still

hours of sleep at night, eating 1 cup of leafy greens with every meal, or meditating for 15 minutes every day are all great examples. Whatever

it is, the target should be clear and reasonable in order to encourage maximum participation and low burnout. STAY ACCOUNTABLE

one of the best ways to stay healthy, how can you involve others in your wellness plan? The answer is simple: Create a virtual wellness challenge! UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS A wellness challenge cultivates healthy competition among participants that keeps them motivated to stick with their wellness regimens. Challenges can be fully customized depending on the goals and abilities of those participating, and when the challenge is carried out virtually, participants have more freedom and flexibility in their routines without missing out on any of the social interaction that makes it fun. GET STARTED

Treat the challenge like you would a weekly book club. Set a time every week to meet via a video call to share wins and setbacks, discuss necessary changes to the challenge, plan for the next week’s challenge, and offer encouragement. If you really want to up the inspiration, determine a prize to be awarded to the person who actively participates the most. Just be sure you have a tangible way to record and share those results, like video evidence of the activity.

A wellness challenge shared among friends and family is a great way to work on your physical or mental well-being and stay connected with loved ones when you aren’t able to visit them in person. That kind of consistent personal connection can be wellness in and of itself.

Every challenge should have a quantifiable goal depending on the theme. Challenges like working out for 30 minutes a day, getting seven

When Will the Courts Reopen?

HERE’S WHAT OUR Clients Are Saying!

On March 14, 2020, the Supreme Court of Georgia issued an emergency order to address the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. This order effectively froze most court proceedings. At the time of writing, the emergency order has been extended through July 14. At this time, many legal deadlines and administrative actions that have been suspended since March will be reimposed. Prior to July 14, each court will have the option to open for in-person proceedings, provided they comply with public health

“By far the most professional, caring, and thorough group of women! After a mind-numbing search for an attorney who was a good fit, Ashley Pepitone was and is the girl you want in your corner! She fought for me, gave expert advice, and made me feel like I mattered. She tells it like it is and has helped me in more ways she will know other than my divorce. The relationship you have with your attorney is an important one, and finding the right person to trust can be frustrating. But from the very beginning, they took me under their wing and started on my case. This team of amazing people has made an ugly divorce a lot smoother than I could have ever hoped for. I put my faith and trust in this firm, and I have not been disappointed. ADLG is where it’s at!”

guidelines. Each court must provide a copy of the guidelines to the Administrative Office of the Courts so that lawyers and the public will have access to them. We anticipate that most courts will continue with online sessions as they can but will also begin having in-person hearings on a case-by-case basis.

–Katie W.

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