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Hi there! I hope this finds you all staying safe and healthy through this time. I know it hasn’t been easy in any respect. One thing on my mind with so many people homebound is that we’re all sitting more and moving less, which isn’t great for our physical or mental health. With that in mind, I want to share some ways you can stay active from home while respecting social distancing guidelines and keeping yourself safe. First, get outside whenever possible. Going for walks, runs, bike rides, and hikes are all great ways to stay active while respecting social distance. These aren’t just good forms of exercise — they also give you access to fresh air and sunshine, which you might need since you’re inside more than normal lately. Many gyms and fitness instructors have developed great videos that are available online. You can find YouTube videos and apps out there with everything from yoga to full-body strength training workouts. Most are free but some require payment to access. You can do many exercises in the comfort of your own home without any equipment. Here are a few ideas to get you started: • Squats If that’s too challenging, try sit-to-stand exercises. Stand up from a chair and sit back down repeatedly.

from a bent-knee position instead of from your toes. If that’s too much, try doing a pushup against a wall. The further you move your legs away from the wall, the more challenging it will be.

• Pullups If these are too

challenging, don't feel bad about moving on to another exercise.

• Lunges

• Planks

meaning that movement is good and prolonged positions such as sitting, lying, or standing for prolonged periods of time can cause weakness and pain. Move around. At the very least, go for walks. Here are four words that can go a long way, "Walk more, sit less." Our website, SnyderPhysicalTherapy. com, also has some great resources for stretches and exercises you can do at home, and we’re updating our Facebook page every week with workouts and exercise inspiration to keep you feeling motivated. We’re all in this together! If you have any questions about whether you should or shouldn't try a certain exercise, please feel free to reach out to one of our therapists and we will guide you! We’re here for you and want to help you stay healthy and strong during this time.

• Supermans Lie on your stomach and lift both arms and legs up in the air at the same time. Hold for 20 seconds. Rest your arms and legs, then repeat. Combine these exercises to create a great circuit workout. Get a friend or family member in on a daily pushup or squat challenge and message each other to share your progress. Feel free to search around online for more ideas. As you find workouts you enjoy, always remember to start slow and build up gradually. If anything hurts either during the exercise, shortly after, or the next day, back off that particular exercise or call a therapist here to ask if that exercise is right for you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of avoiding prolonged postures and positions. Almost any prolonged position can lead to stiffness, weakness, and pain. The best position is the next position,

Wishing all the best to you,

• Pushups If regular pushups are too challenging, modify by pushing up

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