Dear Teacher: Welcome to Into Reading for kindergarten! Whether you are new to the classroom or have been teaching for many years, thank you for choosing to educate our youngest learners. Few jobs are more complex than teaching and surely none is more important than the work you do every day. As you well know, children arrive at school with a wide variety of rich backgrounds. Your kindergarten class likely has an increasingly diverse group of children each year. Some may have attended preschool, while others may be stepping into a classroom for the first time. You may have children who speak a language other than English at home and bring with them knowledge of language to use as building blocks for learning English. A few children may already be starting to read and write, while some may need practice with recognizing and forming letters. What unites them all, though, is the curiosity and joy they bring to their first year of elementary school. Have you heard people say, “Kindergarten is the new first grade?” It’s true that the academic expectations for kindergarten are higher than ever, but we can’t lose sight of the social-emotional learning that is critical for young children’s development. Kindergarten is not only about teaching children the foundations for reading; it’s also about nurturing their love of learning, welcoming their families, building their sense of belonging, and guiding them in learning how to “do school.” The goal of Into Reading is to provide a comprehensive set of research-based materials for teaching kindergarten language arts so that all of your children will get “into” reading. You won’t need to spend valuable time searching for the perfect text, writing lessons, designing literacy centers, or making practice pages. With Into Reading, you can focus on the hard work of meeting all the diverse needs of the children in your class. And this “GPS guide” is your starting point and navigation tool to make that happen.

I wish you all the best as you guide children through this special kindergarten year and point them in the direction of lifelong learning!

Your colleague,

Anne Cunningham Into Reading Author


Guiding Principles and Strategies • Grade K

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