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Island Time

The Story Behind My Trademark Hawaiian Shirts


ong before I set off on my own and opened HealthMasters/Fyzical, I worked closely with an organization that, let’s just say, was a little uptight. To boost our image and branding, they declared they’d be taking all-new mandatory headshots for the entire team. Everybody was expected to dress up, get their hair all fluffed up and adjusted, and make a pretty face for the camera. Well, anybody who knows me knows that kind of performance just is not my style, so I didn’t make a big deal out of picture day. Instead, I showed up in my typical get-up: a pair of slacks and one of my more elaborate Hawaiian shirts. Though the photographers didn’t seem all that happy about it, they took the picture, touched

Honestly, though, my island style goes beyond a goofy joke. It’s really an embodiment of my entire treatment philosophy and a big part of my worldview. The way I see it, people come into our clinic in pain, with a goal to improve their lives and get back to doing the things they love to do. If we, as clinicians, can’t maintain some levity around the office and have a little fun while treating patients, what are we doing? It’s important to me that each of us does our best to radiate an easygoing joy to everyone who comes in, so we can convey these positive feelings to our patients and make the treatment process that much easier for them. The Hawaiian shirt is my small, playful way of trying to spark that joy in my own office, around town, and in every aspect of my life. I catch a lot of flack for my fashion sense (or lack thereof), but honestly, I love when patients joke with me about the shirts. I remember one woman who came in after undergoing an incredibly serious hand surgery procedure, which had resulted in a disastrous outcome. Over the better part of two years, she went under the knife five more times, and throughout the ordeal, she came into the clinic and I guided her toward recovery. She used to kid me about my shirts all the time, and it made me think: If this woman, who’s in such pain all the time, suffering from this much dysfunction and disease, can still joke around and have this incredible attitude, then what excuse do the rest of us have to be anything but cheerful? I just want everybody to know I love what I do and I’m happy to be there. When people ask why I’m wearing the shirts, I often tell them it’s because I feel like every day’s my own personal vacation. I just hope I can spread this laid-back cheer to my staff and the wonderful people we have the opportunity to serve at the clinic.

it up, and posted it on the website. Obviously, my picture stood out next to all the tame, buttoned-up outfits everyone else wore. Within the day, feedback started flooding in for my laid-back attire. Patients loved it; I had people that I hadn’t seen for years calling in with a chuckle to tease me about the shirt or offer their compliments.

From then on, I made the humble Hawaiian shirt a staple of my wardrobe. Rare is the day when I’m not seen at the clinic or around town in one of my many multicolored, island-style shirts — to the point that it’s become an important part of my identity. When we became a

franchisee of Fyzical, I even went so far as to get the Fyzical logo sewn onto a few of my Hawaiian numbers.

–Louis Zuniga

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