In The Bag August 2018



The Bittersweet Back-to-School Season

August 2018

Now that we’ve snuck in our last vacations of the summer, it’s time to get geared up for the school year. As parents, right around Memorial Day, we can’t wait for the kids to be out of school, and neither can they. At the end of the summer, a lot of us are ready for the new school year to begin, and the kids are getting cabin fever. It’s a bittersweet season. I feel happy for the kids to get back into their routines and have more structure again, but I’m sad to send them off and see the summer come to a close. But there’s much to be done now. Shopping for school supplies, gathering uniforms and sports gear, looking over your child’s new schedule, or preparing for the moment when you drop your kindergartner off for their very first day of school keeps you busy until school starts. We know this time of year can leave you feeling overextended as you adjust to the changes that come with it. At our stores, we’re also gearing up for the back-to-school season with our services that are here to make our clients’ lives easier. In fact, that’s the reason we started our wash-and-fold service. I noticed that my wife, Aram, was spending at least a couple evenings a week and Saturdays doing laundry for our family. It made me realize what a big time suck laundry is for people. I started the wash-and-fold-service for Aram, and it was a complete game-changer for her. It’s since become a game-changer for many of our clients as well. This family-oriented approach is a big part of how In the Bag Cleaners has grown up. We come up with solutions to challenges we’re facing with school uniforms or stains on silk dresses. We figure if it’s something that will help us, it’ll probably help others too. Our alteration service is another example. We noticed that kids outgrow their uniforms so quickly that buying new ones each time was crazy. Instead of buying new uniforms, we started looking into how we could alter clothes to adjust to a kid’s growth. Pants can be hemmed, the waist can get taken in or even let out. We also offer small repairs on torn seams, patches, and other little things that can save a pair of pants. It’s better for the environment, and better for your wallet.

Think about the passing Summer baseball season with those trivial white pants or those dingy football camp jerseys. Most folks don’t bring a kid’s uniform in for dry cleaning, but they’re a great item to add to the wash-and-fold services you’re already utilizing. We can get those grass stains out!

August is also a great time to bring your comforters in to be cleaned. After the warmer months, a deep clean will be just what your bedding needs to get it back to feeling fresh and new. We have the right machines for the job. Stuffing it into your home washer just won’t get it clean! We look forward to seeing you this season, and every season, at our stores. When we’re saving you time, we know we’re doing our jobs. Thanks for trusting us to take care of your wash-and-fold laundry, school uniforms, alterations, and bedding!


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