Board Converting News, May 9, 2022

Digital Engagement (CONT’D FROM PAGE 18)

business-to-consumer (B2B or B2C) do not take into ac- count this new shift in consumer beliefs or wishes. Pros- pects and customers want a deeper focus on building the relationship, having a brand reflect today’s current val- ues and providing the type of support and alignment that makes the interaction feel more like an investment in a relationship. Instead of looking at organizations as one end of a transaction, companies that wish to grow in the current paradigm must look at the who in the interaction. The fo- cus must now move to people-to-people or people-to-per- son (P2P). How To Translate Digital Engagement Into P2P Digital engagement and communication are set up to be much more humanistic than many organizations allow. The focus on connection and community is readily avail- able for organizations. By allowing the people behind the brand to emerge out of the shadows, companies can move beyond the products and services they sell and provide engagement with the people who create those products and services. Several recommendations can be quickly applied by any organization to move past B2B and B2C and move into a P2P interaction. Here are three ways to help move in that direction.



May 9, 2022

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