Board Converting News, May 9, 2022

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Many Voices, One Brand There was a time where one person was sharing con- tent on behalf of the organization. Smart organizations, however, have moved to sharing several different voices and points of view in their digital communications. Not only does this allow different viewpoints from a brand perspec- tive, it also keeps content fresh, as many voices make the brand what it is today. Providing different styles of content engages more than one type of prospect, which sets up potential growth. Focus On The Individual In Every Interaction It should be obvious that the individual consumer should be a focus. But what about when businesses mar- ket to other businesses? There are individuals that each business brings to the table for the engagement, and each one is important in bringing a different viewpoint. When

creating content, consider the personality of the key play- ers in the receiving organization. What are their individ- ual roadblocks? How does s/he define success? Always consider the individual sending and the one receiving the communication. Because either way, a person is on each end of that communication. Know Where The Power Lies

It has been said that consumers are now holding all the cards in the business interaction and have no plans to give them back. When organizations look at who is in control of the communication, the power lies with the con- sumer, not with the company. Organizations need to understand this fundamental shift in power to the person receiving marketing and communication. This will help move commu- nication to a person-to-person level and allow the consumer to drive the engagement, which is what the consumer not only wants but de- mands in today’s digital paradigm. Taking the opportunity to bring in humanity into any organization’s digital communications can bring accelerated digital growth and en- gagement. This may feel like a risk to some or- ganizations. However, the new paradigm has shifted this from novelty to necessity. By switching the focus from B2B or B2C to P2P, digital communication can be realigned to meet the current demands of audiences. With this ever-changing shift in consumer be- havior, thinking about how one person com- municates with another has become a corner- stone in digital engagement. This is no longer a passing trend but a new way of being, and the organization who embraces this way of being will reap the rewards. Lisa Apolinski, CMC, is an international speak- er, digital strategist, author and founder of 3 Dog Write. She works with companies to de- velop and share their message using digital assets. For information on her agency’s digital services visit


May 9, 2022

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