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From the late 90s to 2017, another phase of growth saw GLBC moving again, this time to the 250,000-square- foot, built-to-spec facility on Mitchell Island that it still calls home. The company also expanded its offerings to include its Folding Carton and Label divisions. Finally, it acquired several other smaller companies. One of those smaller companies was Action Box. Pa- mela MacRury had been working for Action Box for five years when she became a GLBC employee. “When GLBC acquired Action Box, not much changed. We didn’t lose customers. They saw that they were going to keep getting great service and a quality product.” Pamela, who is now the Abbotsford Branch Manager, quickly came to appreci- ate the people-first culture she’d become part of. “I’m so proud of the way GLBC cares for people. When Abbotsford flooded in 2021, we had an employee who was stranded and couldn’t get to work for weeks. He used up all their sick time and still couldn’t make it in. I called Great Little Box Company (CONT’D FROM PAGE 26)

Raptor XR –High-speed flexos –Rotary die cutters –Specialty gluers Raven –Medium-speed, 50-inch flexos

up HR and asked what we could do for this employee in these crazy circumstances. They just paid him. No ques- tions asked.” When Christine and Brad Tindall took on leadership roles for the company, they were clear on their mission. “What was really important to us was continuing that lega- cy that Bob & Margaret started,” says Brad. “How could we inject our energy into this legacy and keep building it for a new, changing market?” It wouldn’t be long before they would find out. 2020 was the year COVID-19 transformed life for peo- ple across the world. And it was also the year GLBC scaled up like never before in its already-impressive history of growth. With the acquisition of Ideon Packaging, the com- pany became a true one source supplier, with new digital printing and packaging capabilities unlike anything else in the North American market. Ideon partner and current VP of the Corrugated & In- dustrial Packaging Division Matt Dwane recalls the tran- sition of 2020 as both surreal and—ultimately—gratifying. GLBC’s long-term employees, from left, David Floro, Thean Cheav, Benedicto Reyes, and Robert Meggy

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May 9, 2022

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