Board Converting News, May 9, 2022

Baysek Machines Introduces New Model C-190 Die Cutter

Nelsonville, Wisconsin based Baysek Machines Inc. has in- troduced its new Model C-190 die cutter. The “big brother” of the Baysek’s flagship model C-170 die cutter, the C-190 die cutter has been successfully field tested for three years. The Nick-Free multiple-out one operator die cutter offers the same great features as the predictable and prof- itable C-170 with an 8-inch by 55-inch (203mm x 1400mm) or 440-square-inches (11176mm2) increase in sheet size capacity, maintaining the same speed of 1800 sheets per hour, and the same relatively small floor footprint in com- parison to many traditional die cutters. Renowned for reducing manual labor while increasing quality and production, the single operator “flat-die rota- ry anvil die cutter” has been a popular choice around the

globe for its versatile nature and straightforward opera- tion. Simple to complicated jobs of various materials are accomplished with ease, without the need for ancillary stripping equipment or additional manual hand stripping and restacking. The entire Baysek die cutting process is accomplished with one operator via an improved comput-

erized touch screen, with remote machine diagnostics capability and job recall feature. The vacuum assisted Baysek die cutting method provides a highly innovative and labor-reducing solution for all corrugated converting facilities, especially those facing all-too-common skilled labor shortages. The method begins with a sheet being picked and placed via suction cup feed assemblies onto the reciprocating flat die. Registration suction cups on the lead edge of the die se- cure the sheet to the die for a (+/-) 1/16-inch (1.5mm) cut to sheet margin. The recipro- cating flat die is compressed between two rotary anvils, the top anvil protected with a semi-soft anvil sleeve. Suction cups with- in each die form hold 100 percent perime- ter cut “nick-free” finished pieces in the die while scrap is simultaneously pneumatically extracted up the waste hood and directed to recycling as the die travels from the load side to the unload side of the machine. Suc- tion cup unload assemblies pick accurately counted finished pieces from the die and stack them into neat and clean units, imme- diately ready for shipping preparation upon exiting the machine. Servo driven with optional 2,500 lb. lift table capability, the Baysek C-190 handles F Flute through Double Wall corrugated, solid/ thin/chip board, PET foil/foam/glossy/printed laminates, coated board, single/open face corrugated (*via optional component), recy- cled and warped board, and more. Simple to complex large one-out shapes or up to 60- out small pieces are converted each cycle with no nicks/tags, angel hair or paper dust. Call (715) 824-5300, email sales@baysek. com or visit .


May 9, 2022

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