Why WE works-FEB09 2019

What is the typical staff tenure at WE? WE is a first-time employer for hundreds of young people. Given that young workers (under 25) have double the national unemployment rate, we are proud to create a culture that embraces first-time employees with opportunities to develop their workplace skills, build their resumes and grow into their long-term employment ambitions with WE or another organization. WE has modelled its programs for young people on other well-established and widely praised models like Teach for America, City Year and the Peace Corps. The average tenure of “new grads” at WE is 25 months working with the organization, and the average tenure of new hires is 2.4 years. Studies show that, in comparison with the staff tenure of first-time employees in the non-profit, education and government sectors, WE Charity and ME to WE staff remain with our organization longer than the norm for these sectors. Many former staff—particularly those from the “new grads” track—continue to advance their careers in notable ways upon leaving their roles with WE Charity or ME to WE, or return to further their education. We seek to retain the best of our younger staff and provide them with learning and development opportunities and career opportunities. Among those on the “career track,” tenure at WE of three, five or 10 years is very common. More than 100 staff have been with the organization for eight or more years, and a significant number of our senior staff have been with the organization for 10+ years.


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