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What do current staff say about working at WE?

What do alumni staff say about working at WE? We are proud to have worked with more than 2,200 staff in the 20-plus years since our founding in 1995—and even prouder of what they are saying about their time with WE:

We measure the efficacy of our staff programs by listening to our key stakeholders: our employees. We conduct regular pulse surveys to check in with our employees, partnering with TemboStatus, an external organization that provides us with aggregated results and ensures that all the data is anonymous. Based on years of organizational survey research, the surveys capture how well we do in terms of employee engagement. We can proudly state that the results of our latest 2018 survey were very strong when compared to other workplaces, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.

“As a former HR executive, I was impressed with the organization’s ‘promote and grow from within’ policy and supporting programs. In my many years of working, I’ve never experienced an organization where, without exception, all employees were bonded by a common purpose and working tirelessly toward a greater good.” — John Grange former Director, WE

“In addition to the work, the people at WE are some of the most brilliant and compassionate individuals, who were amazing colleagues, friends and family. I am proud of helping to develop and grow our marketing discipline.” — Angelique De Montbrun former Director, Brand and IntegratedMarketing “WE is an inclusive charity—meaning if a youth approached us but they wanted to fundraise for a different charity or cause, we still supported them and provided themwith ourWE Schools resources for free. We often talk about creating community and uniting the world—here isWE, doing that within the charitable community itself; creating connections instead of differentiations between charities.” — Kajal Singla former ProgramAssistant, Western Canada Office “Working as a video storyteller, the best part of my job was sharing our work with the communitymembers whose stories we told. Watching them see their plight in a heroic light for the first time never failed to reinforce how deeplymeaningful and life-altering WE’s work is—and how incredibly lucky I was to be a part of it. It’s easy to be cynical. But working forWE on the front lines has taught me that you can actually change the world when you truly care.” — Ken Galloway former FilmDirector, Agile Video Team

• 98 percent of WE employees believe they are making a positive change in the world because of their work

• 96 percent believe we are making a difference in the world

• 91 percent of staff say they are personally connected to our organization’s mission • 78 percent of WE team members say they love their job. • 80 percent of WE team members see themselves staying with WE for the foreseeable future

“The surprising benefit of working at WE is how much skill development is available, and how many internal opportunities there are to work with very experienced individuals. WE fosters people’s skill sets and moves them into a space where they can make the best impact.” — Katie Yigitoz | Hired: 2012 Director, School and Corporate Engagement, ME to WE

“In my career with WE, I’ve learned so much and gained so many opportunities in various roles. The reason I’m in HR now is I’m interested in learning how have we grown and become so successful. The answer for me is the people: their values, their skills and the attitudes they bring to their work.” — Alex Meers | Hired: 2008 Head, Performance and Organizational Development, People Operations and Culture

“Being able to work on so many different projects with so many different people and teams at WE helped me learn what my talents are and what energizes me—where I can create the most impact and feel I’m getting the most value out of my work.” — Leah Meers former Leadership Facilitator & Speaker, and former WE Day Head

Traditionally, youth have double the national unemployment rate. WE is proud to be a first-time employer for many young people, providing training, opportunities and skills that will serve them in their careers. Many go on to graduate studies or have successful careers in many sectors including non-profits, community service, business and education. “In my experience, many charities struggle to attract the best talent and secure the resources to support that talent and to create a culture of excellence,” notes Dr. Jason Saul, CEO of Mission Measurement, a leading research firm that measures and evaluates social impact. “[WE Charity…] has been able to attract young, top talent and to retain that talent by establishing a high-performance culture and at the same time providing a stable and nurturing environment for staff to thrive.”

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