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Independent third-party reviews of WE

Every organization can always strive for further improvement—and, proud as we are of our achievements, WE is no exception. That’s why we’ve sought out independent assessments, working exhaustively with leading experts in human resources management, to provide us with research, feedback and recommendations.

• TemboStatus uses an independent third-party survey system for employees to provide candid feedback measuring engagement, employment culture and experience. The 2018 results include these key findings: 90 percent of staff say they are personally connected to our organization’s mission , 96 percent believe we are making a difference in the world and 78 percent of WE team members say they love their job. Moreover, in analyzing survey results since 2015, we have seen a 2.85 x improvement in the area of work-life balance, 5.33 x improvement in providing adequate compensation, 1.22 x improvement in overall employee recognition and 1.73 x improvement in the effectiveness of our internal employee communications efforts.

• Singh Lamarche LLP , a law firm specializing in employment law and workplace investigations, found that the specific WE policies they reviewed —promoting accessibility and protecting employees from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and violence— represent the “gold standard” in employment policies . • Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge , a leading HR management firm, reported in their 2018 review of Human Resources culture: “Employees appreciate that WE’s organizational norms and cultural attributes are collaborative, and describe a culture of generally high appreciation of employees…. WE has a vibrant, purpose-driven culture that continues to attract top talent…. The initiatives laid out in (WE’s) People Plan demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in the employee experience.” • Organizational psychologist Dr. David Baum noted in his 2018 case study reviewing WE’s HR strategy, policies and employee experience: “I believe that WE has become one of the best and most effective organizations in its sector, with a robust HR infrastructure.” • In an independently conducted third-party study by Mission Measurement , an international consultancy that specializes in measuring and improving social impact, they found that WE teammembers overwhelmingly agreed that working at WE had improved their communication skills (90%), ability to work effectively with a team (86%), ability to multitask (85%), problem-solving skills (85%) and relationship-building and networking skills (84%) . • Jason Saul, CEO of Mission Measurement , a leading research firm that measures and evaluates social impact, notes: “In my experience, many charities struggle to attract the best talent and secure the resources to support that talent and to create a culture of excellence. [WE Charity...] has been able to attract young, top talent and to retain that talent by establishing a high-performance culture and at the same time providing a stable and nurturing environment for staff to thrive. ”

• Our WE Global Learning Center headquarters has been lauded for its part in community revitalization and enrichment by blogTO: “The WE Global Learning Centre has taken residence in a re-purposed century-old building that now functions as a state of the art office complete with an ‘empatheatre’ that seats 200, full broadcast studio, and an open concept/ interactive design featuring Canadian-made furniture throughout the space…. It’s looking to integrate its new headquarters with the Corktown community by offering programming and outreach projects and has asked the city to become a partner in the Stronger Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 and work with the local council to provide services for Regent Park residents…. “There will be hundreds of people coming in and out of this office everyday now. That, in addition to the outreach initiatives that are planned, will give a welcome boost to the neighbourhood’s economy and help to establish the WE headquarters as a vital community hub. ”

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