UJ Alumni Impumelelo Magazine Edition 8

Early on in her career Tokelo

equity story and helping others understand and buy into it. I have a broad view of the business and am often party to conversations above my pay grade. I am in the unique position of not only working for a company but also being able to look at it from an outsider point of view and can therefore advise management on how to best manage these perceptions.” Looking back, she now knows she could have been more confident in the knowledge and unique point of view she brings. If time could be turned back, she would trust herself more and not let a lack of confidence get in the way of the ability to do more. “I have a lot to offer and should do just that instead of holding back because I think I am too young or too unqualified,” she says. There is always an opportunity to influence and positively contribute to society, says Tokelo. As the daughter of two teachers she was taught from a very young age the contribution one can make to society through education, and by making the time to empower others. From participating in after school mathematics lessons to being encouraged to start Maths24 classes, Tokelo has always lived by the principle of empowerment. This turned out to be a big driver in the career she chose and her interest in youth development and sustainability. Over the years she actively took part in various community programmes and learned that there always is an opportunity to help and influence others. “This is where my interest in sustainability and integrated

Mulaudzi knew she was never going to follow the ‘typical’ finance stream. She was most curious about how business and the world of finance works, being able to build the puzzle and help others understand how and why. reporting was born. I have been involved in the CSI and/ or sustainability programmes of the various companies I worked for. I am most proud of my role in Massmart’s Supplier Development Fund where I contributed as financial controller and fund committee member. I was responsible for the maintenance of the fund’s financials, the drafting of the annual financial statements, and assisting beneficiaries with cashflow management and forecasting.”

Tokelo Mulaudzi met some amazing people during the judging process in the 2021 SAICA Top-35-Under-35 competition. opportunity to take up these roles because my employers knew that I was capable of doing what was required and more.” Still, Tokelo does not fulfil a typical chartered accountant role today. “When I completed my articles, I knew that I was never going to follow the ‘typical’ finance stream,” she says. While she enjoyed working with numbers, she was most curious about how business and the world of finance works, being able to build the puzzle and help others understand how and why. “I loved the investor relations space because not only did I get to work with the numbers but I spent the majority of my time telling the

Through mentoring young students, particularly young

women, Tokelo stays grounded in the issues faced by young people, motivate them and give them exposure to a world they may not have had exposure to before. Tokelo Mulaudzi has a BCom Honours in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg.



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