UJ Alumni Impumelelo Magazine Edition 8

process, is finding the aesthetic in the use of the product. I hope that when a product is used, that it in some way is a joyful experience. I try not to make products that are the same as my competitors, which are mostly purely visual, mine need to be emotional. 8. Were there specific challenges you had to overcome to where you are now, as a successful designer? Success in design is a transient thing and needs to be defined. If it is financial success then I am not successful, if success is measured by perception then I might be successful, if the metric is happiness and gratitude to be able to do what I enjoy then I am hugely successful. 9. What is it you enjoy most about your career as an industrial designer?

INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER JOE PAINE’S WORK IS UNDERPINNED BY THE PHILOSOPHY THAT GOVERNS HIS CREATIVE PROCESS: FINDING THE AESTHETIC IN THE USE OF THE PRODUCT. HE ANSWERED 12 QUESTIONS ABOUT HIS WORK AND CAREER. candles and more. They are conceived by innovation and invention, born through modernist ideals, understood through prototype and experience, and finally evolve into unique and original objects. 7. What makes your work stand out from its competitors? My products do not purely rely on visual aesthetics alone. How the user interacts with the product is very important to me. The philosophy that governs my

The 100% Design Award for best lighting design meant the most, because the level of design at 100% Design is very high and winning there is a great affirmation that you are doing something right.

11. What advice do you have

for current industrial design students to make a success of their future careers? Give yourself time to become good. Constantly work at being better at your skill and allow yourself to fail so long as you learn from the failure. 12. What would you have done differently in your career if given the chance? I think I would have not used my own name as my brand name. It is hard to keep the personality separate from the business. Joe’s work can be viewed at www.joepaine.com. Joe Paine holds a National Diploma in Three Dimensional Design from UJ.

To be able to make things.

10. What awards have you won, and which one meant the most?

Joe Paine works with sustainably harvested oak that is durable and beautiful and keeps to white glazing for consistency.


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