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June 2019

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Began With Some Car Accidents

O ne car accident might send you to a chiropractor, but two car crashes within the same month started me down the path to becoming one. Back in the summer of

of that line eventually. What I didn’t know was how much my first experience with chiropractic would influence the kind of medical professional I would become. After that first visit with Dr. Dong and Dr. Konow in Rock Hill, I became a firm believer in being proactive about keeping the nervous system happy and healthy. You shouldn’t wait until you’re already in pain to visit a chiropractor. During my last semester at Winthrop, I had the opportunity to intern with Dr. Konow to see if chiropractic was really the career for me. Two blessings happened during that time (the second being far greater): First, I found that I wanted to pursue chiropractic, and second, I met Shelby McIntosh, the woman who would become my wife. In the summer of 2001, I enrolled at the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg. I continued to date Shelby, and we were married on June 21, 2003. I graduated cum laude from Sherman in late 2004 and worked for a few different practices until 2008, when I opened my own practice here in Murrells Inlet. Grand Strand Health and Wellness is a faith- based practice dedicated to helping the body heal itself. The body needs key ingredients to do this, including proper levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen and good nerve supply. Nerve supply refers to the process by which nerves help your brain communicate with your body. When nerve supply become impeded or blocked, it can result in spasms, headaches, and many other not-so-fun symptoms. At Grand Strand, we use the

1997, I was driving in the middle of a gully washer down the Tamiami Highway. Another driver cut me off and forced me to slam on my breaks. Unfortunately, the driver behind me didn’t break as quickly as I did and slammed into my rear bumper. In the next accident, about a month later, I hit a car in an intersection after they ran a red light. My sister suggested I see a chiropractor, but since I wasn’t sore, I figured I was fine — until about two weeks later, when the stiffness in my muscles started to get worse. It was a blessing in disguise. At the time of those accidents, I was a pre-med student at Winthrop University. I had come from a long line of medical professionals, and I knew I was going to be a part “We want to give our community a holistic option for healing that doesn’t involve pills, needles, or knives.”

latest developments in chiropractic tech, including the NASA inspired ProAdjuster, a decompression table, an electromagnetic field therapy machine, and several lasers, to help our patients get their nerve supply back in prime condition. We want to give our community a holistic option for healing that doesn’t involve pills, needles, or knives. Shelby and I have been married for 16 years now, and we have four incredible children — three boys and one girl. We are all incredibly active in our own ways, so you may catch us at the football field, the beach, out roller skating, or at gymnastics. I’ve loved serving our community through my practice these past 11 years, and I hope for many more years in the future. –Dr. Chris Garner

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