King's Business - 1934-03


: ! ■ A RECORD OF RESULTS NUMBER OF KING ’S BUSINESS SUBSCRIBERS %••INCREASES ONE HUNDRED PER CENT [24,348—The subscription figure of T he K ing ’ s B usiness as of February 19,1934. More than double that of January, 1932—and the highest attained by r , T he K ing ’ s B usiness since November, 1928, long before the depression]/ i-s*1/ > “ VA*2 !

885-—The number of CLUBS OF TEN formed in churches, Sunday-schools, etc., to take advantage of T he K ing ’ s B usiness CLUB-OF-TEN OFFER at 50 cents each. They girdle the globe, with organizers in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Africa, India, and the Hawaiian Islands. Thousands of additional subscriptions are found fn our smaller clubs of three to six, at 75 cents each. 1,110—This is the total number of FIFTY CENT ANNUAL SUBSCRIP­ TIONS now available in clubs of ten or more. This offer was made possible by a donation of 24 cents per annual subscription and has been promised up to 40% of our total edition, or for a total of 10,800, of which 9,690 have already been subscribed. (See inside back cover.) T his number can only be increased by increases in our edition—or by new donations. It is therefore the part of wisdom for our organizers to get their lists in at once. In any event, no fifty cent subscriptions will be accepted after June 1.


From a Sunday-school w orker: “ Have received T he K ing ' s B usiness for a year, and.found its lesson exposition so superior for the adult student that I had no trouble persuading the stewards to place it in the Sunday- school for 1934.” Used in pastoral calls: “ I enclose check for $10.00, for which I wish you would send me twenty subscriptions to T he K ing ’ s B usiness . I believe it is an extremely valuable magazine. In fact, it has greatly, im­ proved of late. My thought is that it would be well for me to receive twenty copies a month, which I could place in the homes of my people as I make my pastoral calls.” From a Washington clergyman: “ I am enclosing my check for $22.50 for forty-four sub­ scriptions, two of them forefgn, in accord with the offer you extended some little time ago. I have just announced the offer from my pulpit. I wish to know whether the club can be renewed in the same way.” From a Kansas reader: “ I am just in receipt of your February [1934] number, and oh, it is like the wine that Jesus made at the marriage feast in Cana of Galilee—your last seems best. Thank God for so many able writers . . . . Thank you for such a soul feast as your February number gives.”

“ The whole paper is well edited and attractive and invites reading when one is tired. That is quite necessary for us mis­ sionaries, as we often get to our reading only when tired and ready for bed. If a magazine is long and weighty, it is likely to fall out of our hands unread. Another feature that we appreciate is the fact that your notes on the Sunday-school lessons come out a~month ahead, and bring us their help in time. Some of us have to translate helps into Spanish for our people and must do so several weeks ahead of the Sunday for which the lesson is pre­ pared. Many valuable helps are worthless to us because they come too late.** From a Honolulu reader : “ For years it [ T he K ing ' s B usiness ] has been a great source of blessing in our home. . . . We should not want to be without it.” From an Ohio club organizer: “ It might be of interest to you to know that these subscrip­ tions, together with those I sent several weeks ago, were secured principally because of the articles on prophecy. The people in this section are hungry for prophetic teaching. It is a pity more of our evangelical ministers do not realize this.” From a Washington reader : “ I enjoy your magazine and am satisfied it does the King*'s business.*’

Far more important than the remarkable increase in circulation is the testimony of readers as they tell of the ministry'of T h e K in g ’ s B usiness in their own lives and service. The offer of club prices for subscriptions, appearing opposite page 128 of this issue, is an opportunity requiring immediate decision.

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