ADP Events Programme 2018

Our many years’ experience of delivering an Adviser Development Programme means Tenet have developed a well-structured programme of events, that cover a wide variety of business areas and that are delivered across multiple channels to meet adviser needs and engage with you throughout the year. The programme for 2018 has been developed to incorporate your feedback from 2017 and will provide you with a full year of knowledge, support and development. We encourage you to attend as many events as possible, not only to satisfy your CPD requirements, but to keep your awareness, comprehension and understanding of industry changes and developments at the highest level. The Tenet event app introduced in 2017 has been highly successful and we will continue to develop this as technology develops and opportunities arise. The product providers, fund management groups and lenders that are working with us throughout 2018 are experts in their fields. They are at the heart of the industry evolution and are continually focused on ensuring their products and services meet customer needs. This means that they are perfectly suited to deliver messages to advisers across their relevant fields of expertise at the events. There are many reasons you should attend these events as they provide you with an excellent insight in current markets and legislation, a chance to network with your colleagues and product providers, and not withstanding 3-4 hours CPD that is awarded at each event. We look forward to seeing many of you at our events across the country in 2018, and always welcome feedback. Plan your calendar for the year and secure your CPD requirements. The 2018 events programme offers you access to secure your CPD requirements for the year. The purpose of this brochure is to give you a summary of each type of event that is available to you throughout the year. More information on each set of events will be issued during the year as we plan up to date and current content.

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