Briarfield Dental Care - January/February 2020

Jan/Feb 2020


What’s Your Favorite Piece of Trivia?

“Who was the lead singer of The Go-Go’s?”

I’ve always loved to learn new things, whether it’s facts about rock bands or new breakthroughs in dentistry. This year alone, I’ve probably accumulated over 100 hours of continuing education. I’ve also been a part of The Great Black Swamp Dental Study Club of Northwest Ohio for the last 17 years. This is a study club run by a local oral surgeon, and we’ve built up quite a reputation. The club brings in world-renowned speakers, the kind of experts who make other people want to come to Toledo, Ohio, too. Being part of the study club has introduced me to a vast amount of knowledge and information about dentistry. A lot of it is stuff I wouldn’t need to know in my own practice, but I still like learning about it. One area I have become really focused on and bring into my practice is dental sleep medicine. A lot of my continuing education courses are in sleep medicine, and I’m currently about two- thirds of the way through a mastery program on the subject. I’ve always embraced a holistic approach to dentistry. Oral health contributes to the overall health of the rest of the body, and dental sleep medicine builds on that. It’s so important that a person get quality sleep. I’ve been able to save a lot of teeth in my career, but being able to check airways and help diagnose sleep apnea means adding to the quality of life and even extending a patient’s life! That’s such a huge thing, and I’m proud to have the knowledge to help in that area.

This was the question that stumped me years ago when I called in to a radio station to compete in their trivia challenge. Melody had called me from the car and told me to call the radio station right away because they were giving away a watch for Father’s Day; I just needed to show off my music trivia. Fortunately, even though I got tripped up by The Go-Go’s, the guy I was competing against only got one question right while I got the other five. I won a really nice watch I still wear to this day. I’m not a huge trivia buff, but I do like learning new things and picking up tidbits of knowledge. Our local newspaper, the Toledo Blade, has an entertainment section that usually features a bit of trivia. At dinner, I like to ask a few of those trivia questions to everyone at the table. People groan at first, but they get into it pretty quickly. It’s become a dinnertime tradition at the Stuckey household. “Dental sleep medicine is a passion, and I have a lot of knowledge about it.”

Dental sleep medicine is a passion, and I have a lot of knowledge about it. This really paid off when the American Dental Association began mandating that dentists start screening their patients’ airways for breathing problems. Music trivia isn’t the only kind of knowledge that’s come in handy in my life. And by knowing so much about dental sleep medicine, I’m able to do more than win a nice watch — I’m able to save my patients’ lives.

P.S. The lead singer of The Go-Go’s is Belinda Carlisle, just in case it comes up at your next trivia night.

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