Robin Hood Annual Report 2023






It takes a community to ensure students succeed in school and gain the tools they need to thrive. Robin Hood helps New York City’s students meet critical milestones by investing in high-quality programs prioritizing equity, holistic support, community voice, and evidence-based strategies like high-impact tutoring and community schools. Beyond academics, our funding supports mental health and community involvement to better respond to the needs of low-income students and their families. Through our partnerships, we are able to pave the way for students to meet milestones and flourish. 365,000 students and 32,000 teachers in 1,053 schools will benefit from Robin Hood’s support of NYC Reads, a high-quality literacy curriculum.

Among the nearly one million students attending NYC public schools, over two-thirds are economically disadvantaged, with a majority being Black or Latinx. Beyond their already- disadvantaged starting point, low-income students in New York also face inequities in the school system and exacerbated disparities due to the pandemic. These combined challenges hold children back from meeting major milestones, such as completing kindergarten on time, meeting proficiency standards in the third and eighth grades, and graduating from high school ready for college and careers. These milestones are critical for escaping poverty and getting on a path for upward economic mobility.


In 2023, Robin Hood invested $3.1 million in 8 tutoring efforts serving

IN 2023

over 3,500 students across 117 schools.


Learning + Tech Fund Robin Hood’s Learning + Tech Fund focuses on using technology to transform learning, so low-income students can advance in our tech-driven society. This year, the fund supported an accessible, high-quality curriculum that helped 18,000 K-8 students make gains in their reading and powered 2,300 new teacher graduates with computational thinking skills into NYC schools. The Fund is a collaboration between Robin Hood, the Overdeck Family Foundation, and the Siegel Family Endowment.

51% percent of NYC elementary school students are not reading proficiently.

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