Robin Hood Annual Report 2023





Here’s how we invested in the most impactful poverty-fighting strategies in 2023.

Robin Hood brings New Yorkers together to fight poverty. We convene philanthropists, civil society organizations, government, businesses, nonprofits, community members, and those living in poverty to develop and advance programs and policies that can make the American Dream real here in NYC. Our goal is to help New Yorkers permanently exit poverty.

$2.7 million

Emergency Food

$2.9 million


FOCUSING ON RESULTS. Robin Hood invests in best-in-class organizations operating effective programs. We fund research to understand how poverty persists and what strategies are effective in fighting it. And we track grant outcomes and apply cost-benefit analyses to ensure every dollar we invest demonstrably improves the lives of low-income New Yorkers. ​ ​ BUILDING INSTITUTIONS THAT TRANSFORM NYC. We offer management advice, strategic real estate consulting, board placement services, financial and communications coaching, leadership development, and other technical assistance to help our partners increase scale and impact.​ ​ DRIVING INNOVATION TO SOLVE UNMET NEEDS. We invest in new leaders, new organizations, and new ideas that have groundbreaking potential.​ ​ SCALING WHAT WORKS. We partner with government and other funders to grow proven solutions in NYC and beyond so more people benefit from investments that work.​ ​ POVERTY IS RELENTLESS, SO WE MUST BE TOO.​

Mental & Physical Health

$14.7 million

$49.4 million

High-Quality Education

Early Childhood

$10.4 million

School Age

$27.6 million


$11.4 million

$15 million

Career Advancement

Financial Stability

$12.5 million

Stable Housing & Thriving Communities

$15.3 million

$5.1 million

Capacity Building & Data

Total 2023 Grantmaking $117.6 million

Total Organizations 281

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