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Lisa Suter in Austria, winter 2016 on Mount Seefeld. —photo supplied

riding her bike, hiking, climbingmountains, canoeing and exploring. Her first mountain climbwasMount Marcy in the Adirondacks. “I climbed my first mountain when I was eight,” laughed Suter. “That’s beenmy whole life growing up. We always went off camping and hiking and white water rafting.” Suter went on to college to study Adven- ture Tours at the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles in Québec. She spent three years there learning about things she was passionate about. “I took something I loved to do and turned it into a career,” she smiled. “I’ma bit of an introvert, which isn’t too good for being a guide. At the CÉGEP, there were a lot of people that were very outgoing. I never met so many people that were so out of them- selves. You never had a boring day. In my first class we went on a hike. I loved it.” While at the CÉGEP, Suter learned gui- ding, photography, sea kayaking, voyageur canoeing, navigation, mapping, geography, skiing, andmuchmore. “I learned a lot while I was there,” said Suter. “I am not sure what area to focus on now. Perhaps water gui- ding. I haven’t figured it out yet. I’d like to do something with skiing.” Suter spent a season as ski patrol at Mont Bechervaise inGaspé. “It was great,” she said. “There were hardly any injuries so we got to ski a lot.There oftenweren’t verymany skiers either, sowe just about had themountain to

ourselves. The ski patrol made up half the skiers on the mountain.” Suter has been on many adventures in her young life. “I’ve done a few trips. I did a week solo with my bike in 2014, went up to Chic-Chocs inGaspé. I put my skis between my legs, and my bags on my back and off I went. I had a first aid kit on the front and I think I had a tent. I was going to bike the whole way and decided to hitch hike part of the way. The bike wasn’t the best in the world, but it did the job.” Suter went on another solo adventure with her dogNuka, a rescue dog, last winter which took them out into the bush for three and a half weeks. “I learned that a dog can protest,” laughed Suter. “When a dog doesn’t want to pull a sled anymore, she just won’t. I took Nuka because I didn’t want to be comple- tely alone. It was so peaceful and beautiful.” Suter andNuka spent close to amonth back- country skiing along theNoire and Coulonge. The Noire River takes its source fromLac St- Pierre in La VérendryeWildlife Reserve, and flows through a wild forest region, emptying out into the Outaouais River, upstream from the small village of Waltham. The Coulonge River is sourced at Lac du Barrage, also in La Vérendrye Wildlife reserve, and flows through a totally uninhabited region with an approximate distance of 250 kilometers. Its journey ends in the Outaouais River, in

the village of Fort-Coulonge. Right now, Suter is staying with her pa- rents to try to pay off student loans. She is working with Phil Arber of Excellent Events as a secretary helping out with press releases and paperwork. “In my industry you don’t have much paperwork,” explained Suter. “I thought it would be a good experience. And working with Phil is good. His knowledge is vast and his attention to details is like no other. I am learning a lot from him.” “Lisa is great,” said Arber. “She is already famous. She is a great worker. I toldher to stick withme and she’dmake it in showbusiness!” Suter is looking for work in Europe or Swit- zerland where she still has plenty of family. “My grandparents are there,” said Suter. “We took a trip last year and traveled through Switzerland, Italy, Lichtenstein, and Austria. Lichtenstein is so small you could just about miss it when you go through. It was really fun. I hiked up amountainwhile in Switzerland,” recalled Suter. “We didn’t have spiked boots but went up anyway.” Finding it a bit boring at the moment, Suter hopes to get a new adventure underway soon. “It’s so flat here!” she exclaimed. As far as a dream job, Suter said she is not there yet. “I’m still figuring it out,” she said. “I did the schooling. They taught us everything we needed. Now I have to decide what I want to do.”


Lisa Suter has spent a lot of her life ou- tdoors. From canoeing with her family, to hiking, skiing and camping, it’s all a great adventure she has turned into a career. Suter’s first big adventure happenedwhen she was just onemonth old. Her family went on a one-month outdoor adventure. “We went for amonth in the bush. People thought we were crazy,” laughed Suter. “The only things we lost were my baby bottles. I kept throwing them out of the canoe.” Suter’s parents own and operate One Bite Sweets in Alfred. Her father, Willy, is original- ly from Switzerland, and her mother, Heidi, is fromGermany but moved to Switzerland when she was young. Suter has an older brother, Andy, and a younger sister, Rhea. She was born and raised in the township of Champlain just on the border of Alfred. Suter spent her formative years at St. Jude Catholic Elementary School in VankleekHill. She continued on to St. Francis Xavier Catho- lic High School in Hammond, where she spent her teen years doing things that most teens do, except for one thing. The Suter’s have never owned a television. While a lot of kids were getting caught up in what was on television, Suter was out

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