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Respiratory hazards – from fumes, mists, gases, smoke vapours and dusts – can be fatal. That mean’s choosing the right respirator is critical. Frontier has a range of disposable respirators that offer P1 and P2 protection. While P1 respirators protect against mechanically generated particles, our P2 respirators offer protection against mechanical and thermally generated particles. New to Frontier’s extensive range is the Eclipse P2 reusable disposable respirator, which represents the next generation in respiratory protection. The Eclipse P2 features an outer reusable mesh shell to maintain the mask’s shape and quick release straps for exceptional fit and comfort. The fast flow valve simply unscrews so the replaceable filter simply slips in behind. This unique system delivers the benefits of a P2 valved respirator for the price of a P2. All Frontier respirators are certified to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1716 to ensure complete reliance and assurance for the user. About respiratory hazards Fumes, which are common in applications like welding, smelter work and pouring of metals, are the result of vaporised materials being exposed to high heat. Very fine particles form as the fumes cool. Mists, or very small liquid droplets that move through the air, are generated by a process known as atomisation, similar to the droplets generated when spraying. Gases can move through the air with speed at room temperature and are sometimes odourless, making them near impossible to detect. Dust particles are the result of solid materials breaking apart through the process of cutting, sanding or grinding. Usually the smaller the particle, the more dangerous it can be when inhaled.

• P2 replaceable insert filters • Pre moulded shape for comfort and fast replacement

• Screw seal Multi use exhale valve to reduce heat and breathing resistance • Holds the P2 replaceable insert filter securely in place

• Positive strap adjustment for speed and ease with quick release straps • Superior quality for product longevity and comfort

• Flexible mesh mask construction maintains filter shape and enhances fit and comfort

•Multi use 360 degree exhale valve provides economical P2V protection

Frontier volume 1. personal protective equipment


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