2019 LOOKS ROSY, indeed, with the launch of our Brindabella fragrant shrub rose line and new varieties to expand interest in current brands. Since the beginning, Suntory Flowers has been known as the revolutionary category creator! From Surfinia petunias, which launched the vegetative annuals revolution, to Million Bells which birthed the calibrachoa explosion, Suntory has always focused on new business instead of copying what others are doing. We’re always working on what’s next. Prime recent examples are Soiree catharanthus, a reinvention of the common bedding plant vinca, and Grandaisy argyranthemums – an intergeneric hybrid cross which produces showier plants with more flower power in a unique range of colors. For 2019, we are changing the Grandessa name to Grandaisy to be consistent with our marketing efforts in Europe, where Grandaisy has really taken off. Major growers in the South have really embraced the Soiree Ka-wa-i-i catharanthus varieties for their exceptional garden performance. They thrive in the heat and stay compact and attractive through the seasons. Glossy green foliage accents tiny flowers that produce carefree color all summer! They sizzle in the South and provide a second spring for the North, where it can get very hot and humid, too. We’ve heard reports they stay in bloom until really cold temperatures strike in late fall, and in tropical places where it doesn’t get cold, they become established. Growers are looking forward to new colors, including Soiree Ka-wa-i-i Red, Light Purple and White Peppermint. For fans of Senetti pericallis and Sun Parasol mandevillas, we have striking BUILDING NEW and ESTABLISHED BRANDS

novelties. Senetti Magic Salmon has been on the market in Europe. Flowers bloom in shades of salmon pink that blend to powder blue, like chalk or oil pastels. We would love to see Easter promotions with Magic Salmon. Sun Parasol Giant Marbled Crimson brings vigor often lacking in variegated varieties and produces large crimson blooms! It debuted at the Tropical Plant International Expo this year. Last, but not least, our most significant introduction for 2019 is the Brindabella Roses in seven scentsational colors! This highly disease resistant shrub rose line was bred by John Gray, a plant pathologist in Australia. They are being trialed in more than 20 rose sites this year for hardiness in the USA. You are going to want to bury your nose in these old-fashioned flowers with modern performance!

Dedication to Innovation Suntory Flowers will receive the Horticulture Innovation Award from the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) – the world’s leading independent organization for horticultural scientists. The award is the highest recognition granted by the ISHS Council to a person or institution for an exceptional contribution to horticultural innovation. This award is especially addressed to those with innovative ideas to create new products and services that are seen as important landmarks in the progress of horticulture at an international level. For Suntory Flowers, it represents nearly 30 years of breeding breakthroughs! The award will be presented at the International Horticultural Congress, which will be held August 12-16 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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