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Healthy Food Faux Pas

Misleading Ingredients You Should Avoid

Your teen is entitled to some privacy, but with so much change happening as they age, they still need your guidance and care. Warning signs that a child is heading down the wrong path can be hard for parents to pick up on, especially as trends rapidly change. Watch out for some of the following warning signs to help your kid stay on the right course. Juuls Long gone are the days of teens sneaking off to the restroom or under the bleachers to smoke cigarettes. Juuls are a new type of e-cigarette that look like a flash drive and can be charged in a USB port. Though most smokers turn to e-cig- arettes for the benefits of inhaling vapor over smoke, this myth is dangerous. Users inhale the same amount of nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes when they smoke one Juul cartridge. Respect your kids’ privacy, but have an open conversation about all varieties of smoking and look for signs of addiction or suspicious “flash drives.” Personality One of the biggest warning signs for parents is when their perfectly happy and healthy Lettuce Liars Yes, even salads can be mislead- ing when it comes to dieting. Salad dressing is a yummyway to make a salad more exciting, but it should be doled out in limited quantities. Unfor- tunately, most prepackaged salads do not limit dressing portions. A pool of ranch dressing over let- tuce will limit the benefits you’ll get from the healthy greens. Additionally, nuts, cheeses, and seeds can be healthy and tasty on your salad, but they should also be eaten in moderation. into thinking they’re making smart choices simply because something is labeled “organic” or “low-fat.” Next time you’re shopping for a quick snack, be mindful when grabbing trail mix, yogurt, granola, microwave popcorn, or protein bars. These items are often falsely advertised as healthy options, and while they may contain some nutrients, most people don’t adhere to the listed serving size. When you eat more than recommended, you could be offsetting the nutritional benefits.

Instagrammodels and fitness specialists flood social media feeds with nutrition tips and tricks, but amid the blur of muscled selfies and misguided dieting advertisements, it’s hard to determine what is actually healthy. Arm your- self with the following knowledge about tricky food ingredients, and always question diet fads blasted on social media. Devious Drinks There’s actually no scientif- ic evidence to suggest “performance-enhanc- ing” drinks will make you a better athlete. If you drink sports drinks regularly, you’re actually filling your bodywith unnecessary sugars and additives. Furthermore, common fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, and skim or fat-free milk contains additives that eliminate the full feeling whole milk provides you.

teenager flips on a dime. Teenage changes are common, but when they quickly change friend groups, become increasingly lethargic, or are secretive about their friends, it’s time to step in. This may be the biggest warning sign that your child is doing drugs, alcohol, or other illegal activities. Let them know you are worried about their safety and need to know certain aspects of their lives, like who they hang out with, what they stash in their car or room, or why their hab- its have changed. Attendance School and activities are the biggest deterrents of illegal action, and boredom is one of the biggest contributors to it. If your kiddo suddenly begins skipping school or quitting their activities, this may be a signal for you to intervene. Once again, be open and honest. Ask them about their new interests, and see if there are activi- ties you can get them involved in to steer them away from bad habits. If your child finds themselves in legal trouble, Phyllis Gingery Collins, Attorney at Law, can help. Learn more at While this information may send you into a panic about finding healthy foods, remember to stick to natural, low-additive foods, monitor your portion sizes, and create homemade alternatives to some of your favorites. You don’t have to compromise on taste to get the most nutrition out of your meals. Try cooking your favorite foods from scratch and avoid the consequences of misleading ingredients. Dinnertime Deception Your California roll may be hiding more than you think. Sushi is usually rolled in sugar-loaded and carbohydrate-heavywhite rice. Aside from the white rice, the more intricate rolls of- ten include toppings and condiments best savored in moderation. If you think you can avoid fried and greasy options by ordering a veggie burger, think again. These meat alternatives often contain another unhealthy dose of rice and are fried or baked in processed oils.

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