Littlejohn Law LLC - January 2020






If anything made 2019 great for me, it was the lessons I learned about how to be a better attorney, businessman, father, and husband. I plan on applying those lessons to my life this upcoming year in hopes of making 2020 even better. Every day, our clients trust us with their most personal matters, and providing merely adequate service is not enough. That’s why I always strive to provide our clients with the best possible service every time. Here are a few ways I’m going to do that in 2020. BE BRILLIANT AT THE BASICS. Understanding the law is a complex business, but sometimes taking a step back from the law-specific details, and getting back to the basics, is what it takes to allow a practice to serve its clients best. I hope this upcoming year will be one where my staff and I can focus on the basics and provide the best service possible to our clients. CREATE A SPACE WHERE WORKERS CAN THRIVE. Working with people you trust is a great thing. Having people who you can trust to carry out the mission of your workplace, even if you’re gone, is another thing entirely. I greatly appreciate my team, and I can’t wait to see what we do in the new year. I have no doubt that in 2020, Littlejohn Law will continue to be a place where we live out our mission and values on a daily basis, even more so than we do now.

HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM. Part of what I do to help my team work on behalf of our mission and values is leading myself well — and the way I did that in 2019 was by building a support system. I still need help, and I don’t always see the areas where I need to improve. That’s why, last year, I made an effort to surround myself with coaches and advisors who give me feedback on how to be a better entrepreneur. Life as a business owner can be lonely. When you’re in charge, you don’t always have someone in your life who understands what you’re going through. I hope I can continue to learn and draw wisdom from the advisors I’ve come to trust in 2020. KNOW YOUR VALUES AND WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU. This might be the most important lesson I learned last year. If you don’t know what your values are, your decisions will be rash, erratic, and against your best interest. While I want to serve my clients in the best way possible, I value my family more than anything else. In the past, I took on cases where I had to work some 12–18-hour days, and it kept me away from my wife and daughter. In 2019, I realized I can’t do that anymore. My family comes first, and knowing that, I can make better decisions for myself and my business.

If you find yourself in need of our services in 2020, know we’ll never stop improving or looking for ways to serve our community better. Happy New Year!

–Edward Littlejohn


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