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Gaurav Jain vs Hindustan Latex Family Planning ... on 7 January, 2015

among other headlines of newspapers/current affairs in presence of all team members including female staff during the lunch time. He further added that despite the fact team members detest these lunch time stories however, they do not have the courage to protest him. ICC has also recorded statements of some of the staff of TSG. From their statements, it is clear that TSG staff observed the women to be distressed, depressed, agitated after coming back from outstation visits with the Respondent, and some of them have openly expressed what they have experienced with some of their trusted and supportive colleagues. More than one woman colleague has reached out to the complainant and warned her of Respondent's behaviour while outstation trip, and asked the complainant to be very careful to maintain her dignity. Some of TSG Staff have even gone on the extent of saying, "There is no humanity left", "it is completely male dominated", "Respondent has "ensured that there is no ambience that any staff can provide professional /emotional support/protest against exploitation to any female staff, since the respondent will spil the peace and reputation of that staff", "the indecency, torture, and domination over even male and that too very senior staff by the respondent is so severe, that god only knows the plight of these very junior,low in hierarchy naive, young vulnerable women staff". It has also come to light that the Respondent had been habitually cracking obscene Sexual jokes, shares stories of rapes, -"ladki uthake program kar lia"(referring to incidents of rape), how women enjoy rape and then as and when required complain on rape, comments on body and body parts of women during common lunch hours are detestable/protest (As per statements of Sudarshan Negi, Latha Kumari, Nitin Kumar Sharma, Deepak Sati, Purujit Praharaj). More than one witnesses above have narrated before the ICC that Respondent has number of times insisted the need for recruiting female employees in Delhi TSG office, and not taking the opinion of the reporting supervisor in account. More than one witnesses also narrated before the ICC that this Hyderabad incident, is not a single incident, but this is a known trend in TSG, whereby young, new, junior, inexperienced, vulnerable woman employee had to undertake outstations trips with the Respondent and in all these occasions, Respondent is the only person to decide who will go where, with whom, how and when. More than one witnesses also mentioned that after these (outstation) trips, either the Respondent Jain will start extending extra favour and suggest promotion for the woman employee, or start harassing and crafting a "GAME-PLAN" (as quoted by more than one team member), pressurizing few of his close associates, to put pressure and harass the woman employee to leave TSG. The Respondent has argued that, if some female colleague had informed them about their apprehension about travelling with Respondent then Latha should have either shared with Senior Management of HLFPPT or HLL Lifecare without informing Respondent or she could have suggested Complainant to inform or write mail to share her apprehension with HR for easy redressal. He questioned as to why Latha had kept quiet for about 6 yrs and now suddenly she realized everything. The Respondent has also stated that if Mr. Sudarshan Negi being a senior manager in TSG has noticed historical trends in behaviour of female staff then why did he not share it with HLFPPT senior member

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