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The older I get, the more I realize how incredibly fortunate I am. America is unequivocally the best country there is, but sometimes we live in a bubble with all our good fortune. Many people face incredible trials every day, something I was reminded of this past summer when my family visited Vietnam. We spent time with my wife’s aunt and uncle who lived in the United States for years before they felt compelled to return to Vietnam to help orphans. It’s hard in a Third World country, especially for a kid who doesn’t have anyone to take care of them. We saw children no more than 5 years old sleeping on street corners and 10-year-old boys trying to earn money by selling gum and cigarettes. In the last three years, my wife’s aunt and uncle have adopted 11 kids. Meeting them was the most surreal experience. They shared stories of being abandoned by their parents, some due to death or drug abuse, and others because their parents didn’t want them. My heart broke to hear how they were left alone on the street to fend for themselves. These kids could have been cold and jaded, but instead they were full of kindness. They were happy to have each other and appreciated everything. We went out with the kids one night and found a shop that sold knockoff Nike sneakers at $20 a pair. My wife and I were more than willing to buy the kids new shoes, but once they saw the price, the kids said no. They insisted it was too much and told us a store across the street from their home carried shoes for only $5. My heart went out to them, and I was moved by how nice and considerate they were. For my son, Connor, I know these kids left a significant impact. He matured a lot, even after just a week, and he seems to honestly appreciate his life and family more. He wasn’t the only one affected by the trip. After our return home, I refocused my purpose. My goal is to keep helping my patients, and through this, I hope to set up business classes for these kids in Vietnam. A lot of my own personal and professional development came through business courses. I want to help instill that same kind of growth in these kids and give them a head start on success. Vietnam is on the

verge of growth. There is so much construction in the country as new businesses and industries get started. It’s a prime opportunity for these kids. If they have the knowledge and mindset, they will be able to thrive beyond their imaginations. They began their lives with nothing, and I think that is completely unfair.

“In the last three years, my in-laws adopted 11 kids. Meeting them was the most surreal experience.”

My life is good today, and while my wife and I worked hard to get here, I know I am fortunate to live in this country. I owe a great deal to my parents who overcame challenges to move to America. Here, I could get an education and equip myself with the tools I needed to succeed. I want to give these kids the same kind of tools, so when opportunities present themselves, if they choose to work hard, they will be able to improve their own lives. I know I also owe so much to my patients. You all may not know how truly grateful I am to you. When you let me help you, in turn you help me help these kids half a world away. Thank you.

– Dr. Bao Tha i

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