APi NSG Employee Handbook 2018


APi National Service Group may add to, modify, eliminate, interpret, or depart from any policies contained in this handbook at any time without notice. This handbook is as complete as we can reasonably make it. It is not necessarily all inclusive because circumstances or matters not addressed in this handbook may warrant actions or conduct not stated in the handbook. This handbook supersedes and replaces all prior written handbooks or company employee manuals. All prior handbooks and policies are hereby rescinded and revoked. Unless specifically stated otherwise, policies or procedures addressed elsewhere and not in this handbook are not superseded. Please be aware that any handbook revisions and updates may be communicated via memo format, by way of posting on the company intranet, and/or by other means by the company. Please ask questions of your supervisor, HR or payroll/benefits administrator when you need additional information or further clarification on company policies. This is a supplement to the APi Group Employee Handbook which should also be referred to for further details on benefits, policies, etc.

What’s Inside:

• A Letter from our President • Our Vision • Dress Code • Dress Code continued

• Appropriate Dress Code Examples • Inappropriate Dress Code Examples • Scheduling Policy • Performance Policy • Working from Home Policy • Paid Time Off & Overtime Policy • Getting Connected

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