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These Pets Make More Than Most Americans!

The World’s Wealthiest Pets

Since humans first domesticated dogs almost 40,000 years ago, people have happily kept pets around. We feed them, groom them, and occasionally let them sleep on the bed. Some people love their pets so much they make sure their animals will inherit a vast fortune in the case of their owner’s death. Here are a few pets who, thanks to their dedicated owners, are truly living the good life. Gigoo Fortune: $15 million When British publisher Miles Blackwell and his wife, Briony, passed away within weeks of each other, the childless couple left most of their fortune to a charity trust. About $42.5 million went to benefit arts, music, and animal welfare causes. However, the Blackwells didn’t forget about their favorite pet, Gigoo the hen. The $15 million Gigoo inherited to ensure she was taken care of made her the only bird on Time magazine’s“10 Richest Pets of All Time.” Gunther IV Fortune: $375 million German countess Karlotta Liebenstein left her entire $80 million fortune to her German shepherd, Gunther III. Trustees for the canine’s estate have made some excellent investments since then, growing the fortune

to $375 million— a sum that was inherited by Gunther III’s son, Gunther IV. Today, this top dog dines on steak and caviar, is chauffeured by limousine, and owns villas around the world, including a Miami Beach mansion once belonging to Madonna. Grumpy Cat Fortune: $1–100 million While most rich pets inherit wealth, Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, is a self-made millionaire. Born with a form of dwarfism, the world fell in love with Grumpy Cat when pictures of her perpetual frown circled the internet in 2012. The meme sensation soon made the jump to real world celebrity, becoming the official spokescat for Friskies cat food and starring in her own movie,“Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.” Sources claim Grumpy Cat is worth over $100 million. Her owner says this number is inaccurate, but one thing is certain—whatever she’s frowning about, it’s not her bank account. This list is a clear reminder of howmuch people love their pets. Of course, instead of a vast fortune, most of us are content to show our affection with an extra treat before dinner. After all, our pets probably don’t even know the difference.

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