African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

by these expenses cuts the survey shows that among 441 respondents, the following areas were the target of expenses cut:

Figure 3.12: Expenses cut during COVID-19

Qualitative data collected on “Other” expense cuts’ categories are: Salaries, materials, production, rents, workers, oin the following fgure.

Business expansion

Also the survey shows that 177 (36,12%) of respondents were able to expand their businesses during and post COVID-19 pandemic.

Table 3.13: Expansion during COVID-19

Qualitative data collected on “Other” business expansion categories are: raw materials, production expenses, salaries, ofce space and rents were among the main expansion areas to be products and services, face masks, sports areas. It is noticed that up to 20% of business expansion areas are not classifed like the business cut areas.


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