African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

● Also, the responsible parts of government should come together regularly through assigned workgroups to agree on plans and review progress on cybersecurity. This initiative should be withheld in partnership with private-sector operators who will be impacted correlated. ● African governments could provide a platform accessible for African SMEs, for information sharing among organizations. ● Originate a national emergency response team for key sectors. ● Communicate regularly and intensively on clear reporting mechanisms for alerting the authorities to a cyberattack. ● Criminal law should adequately address ofenses committed online. ● The government should direct its eforts into sponsoring and/or investing in cybersecurity R&D.

5- Human resources

Since COVID-19 outbreak, work has tumbled towards remote working, it is important to ensure therefore that all workers are privy to certain rights and protections. Ensuring decent work for homeworkers regardless of where work is conducted should be the concern of African governments. ● Wage subsidies are the most widely used employment protection measure. African governments should look into donor programs that would alleviate the impact of recurring pandemic waves on the reduction of employees. Wage subsidies are usually implemented through direct subsidies or reimbursements to enterprises for all or some portion of the worker’s salary when revenue and proft are reduced by a crisis. Wage subsidies provide incentives to employers to keep workers on the payroll even as business activities decrease. ● African governments should incentivize employers not to lay of or terminate workers during the assistance period while others allow employers to lay of workers temporarily and claim a relief amount to be distributed to the workers, with the guarantee that those workers will return to work when the situation improves. ● African SMEs should also enhance remote working conditions for women and working parents by establishing a fund for procuring equipment necessary for conducting remote work in decent conditions. This equipment should help alleviate equipment sharing, personal space and noise reduction as well as present better communication packages. ● COVID-19 has afected work-life balance, workschedule, and workload. While businesses norms and productivity were afected diferently in SMEs, it is very important to study in detail the infuence of this change on the psychology of small business owners and their employees and work closely to support them. ● Mentorship can play an important role to guide business owners during the pandemic.The presence of programs that support Mentorship is crucial. Alot of SMEs started to use new social networks like clubhouse to connect with mentors and other owners who are facing the same challenges. Government representatives should be present and supportive for this new mentorship direction and trends.

● Public authorities should address the needs of diferent sectors by a large training and development ofer that would cover for


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