African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

We ranked all the SMEs based on their cumulatives earnings in the simulator. However, the selection for Rollo Africa Master involved the fnal presentation. The best Boot camp in terms of the fnal total score was in Egypt Bootcamp-A which scored 103% and the least was in Cameroon in bootcamp-B which scored 86%. Sudanese participants and businesses showed high discipline and commitment. Francophone speaking countries made more efort and Exousia from Senegal was the best in Rollo Master. While, Agrona from Egypt achieved the highest score in the local bootcamp with 115%. Seven out of the ten top companies were service based companies. 50% of the companies advanced to Rollo Africa Masters are from Agribusiness and sustainability related businesses. Products and manufacturing based companies performed the least.

6. Rollo Africa Master

In Rollo Master, we selected only the best performing business in each boot camp in terms of cumulative earnings and their presentation in front of local business judges and asked them to compete in diferent business environments (Service not Product based like in local simulation). The 10 top teams asked to run a hotel in the domestic and international markets and we monitored their behaviors and results in 6 diferent market outlooks and seasons. The competition was really intense till the last round and it is worth mentioning that all teams achieved positive cumulative shareholders returns which is very rare to happen in the simulation. This is also a good proof that top SMEs in Africa can be very attractive for investment and investors. The champion of Rollo Master Exousia from Senegal was a great example of how informal businesses and women led businesses can compete and achieve excellent results if they compete in a well structured and fair environment. It is important to also highlight that the program had around 35% women led business and it was almost the same percentage we had in the fnal Master event. This is concrete proof that women's led businesses can perform as men in a fair environment. 80% of the informal businesses decided to drop-of from the simulator and were replaced organically by the local hubs with formal businesses. The informal sector is not ready and/or not willing to be in a well structured environment. However, we had 2 informal businesses represented in the top 10 companies. (Exousia from Senegal and IVS from Sudan)

Rollo Africa Master Simulation

Egypt - Sudan - Senegal - Cameroon - Zimbabwe (29-30-31 January 2021)

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