African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 1.3: Scorecards Map

The CESIM scorecard was custom developed by our partner to portray the Entrepreneurial capabilities of the participating teams. Specifcally, it measures along the decision-making processes of each team throughout the 6 rounds of the simulation 8 entrepreneurial capabilities.These 8 capabilities are traced through a variety of decisions made by the team. They are scored against a huge CESIM-held dataset that serves as a benchmark. They are enumerated hereafter, and we can track their sub-set of related simulation decisions. Entrepreneurial Capability Subset of related Decisions

● Core business (90% weight) ● Priority customers (10% weight)

1- Pricing

● Demand ● Market share ● Efciency ● Inventory bufer

2- Forecasting/ Setting fnancial Goals

● Production allocation ● Investment plausibility ● Debt management ● Cash management ● Customer care ● Advertising ● Quality investments ● Efciency investment ● Production management ● Production prioritization ● Logistic prioritization ● Inventory management ● Interest rate management

3- Asset Management

4- Financing

5- Budgeting/Marketing Efectiveness

6- Cost Management

7- Logistics Management

8- Risk Management


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