African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Ranking 4: Zimbabwe - 87.5%

Bootcamp A (88%)

Bootcamp B (87%)

Ranking 5: Cameroon - 88%

Bootcamp A (88%)

Bootcamp B (86%)

Table 1.15: Countries ScoreCards 6- African SMEs Strengths and Weaknesses

The data extracted prove that local SMEs have diferent behaviors based on their countries. Generally, African Businesses performed very well in decisions related to budgeting, distributing money, and managing risk associated with their businesses. Egyptian and Sudanese businesses showed very good understanding of fnance and accounting. This was not the case for businesses located in countries in SSA like Senegal, Zimbabwe and Cameroon who had challenges setting their pricing, fnancial goals and forecasting. Overall, the decisions taken by all the African participants during the overall simulation in the 5 countries indicates that average relative success of those decisions is 92%. The average score range in the simulator is between 70% to 110%. While 100% represents the benchmark of similar cases. The following relative score can help map future collaboration opportunities between SMEs in Africa and can help governments create regional partnerships based on real strength and opportunities.


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