African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Importance of Internet for SMEs

A vast majority (96,4%) of our participating SMEs use the Internet for their work as shown from the chart below.

Figure 2.27: Use of internet in SMEs

It is also apparent that for a vast majority of African SMEs, the Internet is of major importance: 23,1% strongly agreeing and 62,2% agreeing respectively with the statement “Internet is very important to run my business”.

Figure 2.28: Importance of Internet for SMEs

This internet usage for businesses is widely mapped in the economy with similar companies from the same feld using the Internet as well. This in itself implies that the Internet is not a luxury and has become a widespread business tool as refected in the following graph that answers the statement “Other businesses in my feld use the Internet”.

Figure 2.29: Other Business in my feld use the internet

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