African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 2.34: Area of improvement of Broadband ISP

The results corroborate with previous results obtained from the ranking of Internet criteria (previous chart) showing that among the most important improvements required by African SMEs are faster speed at a lower price (speed and price) (188 responses collected). Increasing the coverage areas (150 responses collected), reducing the frequency of service interruptions (131 responses collected), and providing better customer service support (102 responses collected).

E- ISP Loyalty

Having said that, it seems that 45,4% of respondents are likely or very likely “would recommend (your) current Internet service to a friend or colleague”

Figure 2.35: ISP Loyalty

This shows a high loyalty indication with ISP, and it resonates with the fact that some 31,4% that have been with their ISP for relatively long periods (More than 5 years) as indicated in the chart below.


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