African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Once more, it is apparent from the number of the I don’t know answers that participants are not aware of the mechanisms engaged by the government (if any) in the feld of cyberattacks. For instance, data protection and privacy regulations do not seem to refect much of the challenges of the digital age. Also, the approach to cyber regulation across diferent sectors of the economy and the wider information and communications technology supply chain does not look too coherent. On the other hand, the criminal law does not seem to adequately address ofenses committed online. Survey data doesn’t support that the government sponsors or invests in cybersecurity R&D? Nor does it seem to support cybersecurity training, education, and awareness-raising for businesses, those in work, those in education, and those in the general population. Finally, the survey data doesn’t prove that the government engages with the private sector or academia in its cybersecurity work. It is therefore apparent that whatever governments and their related agencies are exerting as eforts in the feld of combating cyberattacks and reinforcing cybersecurity, it is not addressing properly the needs of African SMEs and therefore the strategy needs to be reviewed entirely.

5- Taxes & duties

● Total number of respondents 226

Paying Taxes

In this section, we try to probe our respondents to detail how they stand vis a vis the taxation system applicable on SMEs in their country. First, we identify that some 163 respondents do pay taxes (72,1%) as shown in the chart above “I pay taxes and duties for my company”.

Figure 2.69: Paying Taxes

To analyze why some respondents among the African SMEs do not pay taxes, we can look at the below chart: 41.3% are not registered businesses, 27% are not making any proft, and 31,7% have diferent arguments like: like still in testing phase, below taxation threshold, too small, exempted, grace period, and because of the pandemic.


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