African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Table 2.18: Managerial Level

Similarly, respondents think that the managers of African SMEs don’t lack appropriate training and experience. In this context we fnd 52,4% who disagree and 15,7% who strongly disagree on the statement: “Our managers lack appropriate training and experience to operate the businesses” this totaling 68.1% who are in disagreement. It also looks like that the managerial style is more scientifc than based on trial and error, as shown from responses collected against “Our management style is basically on trial and error” 56.4% disagree and strongly disagree with the statement. Management seems more prone to focus on long-term performance with appropriate strategic planning than on short-term goals. This is demonstrated by respondents disagreeing by 54,8% with the statement “Our management is driven by performance and short-term gains with little attention paid to strategic planning”. Finally, it is also obvious that education has also


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