African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 1.1: Rollo Pilot Phase

Rollo Africa Inc: Rollo Africa Inc is a virtual simulated African company hosted in Cesim platform. The online business simulation software can host up to 12 SMEs competing in the same environment. Each enterprise is composed of 3 participants who manage a manufacturing company in local and international markets. The team is responsible for developing and executing strategies and decisions for their virtual company while taking into consideration customer behavior, cost structures and currency fuctuations in the diferent markets. Decisions to be made relate to promotion, pricing, quality control across products and customer segments, production and location cost advantages, investment appraisal, capital vs. labor assessment, fnancing decisions, demand estimations and budgeting. African enterprises: A total number of 120 enterprises composed of 360 African participants are selected to perform in the simulation divided in 10 online local bootcamps. These participants have the chance to practice and test new business strategies and ideas that can help them to protect their businesses during diverse and fuctuating market contexts. Showcasing and awareness: Mapping local African businesses and success stories is central to the program model. Rollo seeks to identify local enterprises and give them opportunities to highlight their businesses while learning from local success stories, best practices and knowledge. The most successful participants had the opportunity to advance to Rollo Masters where they presented their business strategy in the simulation and related to the real market in front of African and international businesses judges, stakeholders, and policy makers. In addition, the outcomes and ideas that emerge from Rollo program will serve as evidence-based policy guidance for impactful stimulus packages for SMEs, including but not limited to: - Capacity building for 360 African Entrepreneurs in 5 countries from the 5 regions of Africa. - Reduce the impact of the pandemic in small businesses across the continent. - Monitoring SMEs’ behavior during COVID19 (current and post) scenarios.


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