African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

The frst question does not establish the access to information as being a challenge that African SMEs are aware of as portrayed by the equal split of agreeing and disagreeing responses given to the statement “My business lacks access to adequate business information”. This does not eliminate the fact that these SMEs recognize the important role technology plays in giving proper access to information which makes these companies more performing. 43,8% agree and 30,2% strongly agree “Presence of appropriate technology and associated support systems like hardware and software make it easier for businesses like mine to be efcient and efective which in turn lowers costs of production and operations” thus totaling 74% of the surveyed population. For the infrastructure that supports access to information, there doesn’t seem to be any serious malfunctioning since only one third (36.6%) report that “My business has a poor information environment resulting from underdeveloped technological infrastructures”. For the communication infrastructure, (32.2%) of the African SME agree and strongly agree with“My business has a poor information environment resulting from underdeveloped communication infrastructure”. For the business support system, the survey does not reveal any serious issues since 22,7% disagree and 3,3% strongly disagree against 28,5% agree and 9,9% strongly agree with the statement “My business has a poor information environment resulting from inadequate business support systems”. Finally, there is consensus that it is the role of authorities to support the access to information “I believe that it is the role of the ofcial authorities to facilitate access to reliable information for businesses like mine” agreed by 66% of the participants. “I usually obtain information about my sector and or activity from”, It seems from responses that a vast majority of respondents rely on social media and digital press to obtain their information. “Among the reliable sources of information that exist are” FAO OP – SocialnetLink - euro news, Jeune Afrique- France 24 - 3FPT -, – ANSD

Figure 2.81: Source of Information

14- The role of governments in supporting SMEs

● Total number of respondents: 242

In this survey we try to uncover the role of governments in supporting SMEs and in which areas interventions should be to facilitate the businesses of African SMEs. (Table 2.23)


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