African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

collection of feedback to the statement “During the COVID19 pandemic, it was obvious that there was a scarcity in (select all that apply)”

Figure 3.7: Scarcity of medical supplies

The chart shows that frst and foremost it is the intensive care units that demonstrated the highest shortage, followed by medical masks and medical equipment in general. Medicine was also in shortage as well as surgical masks and sanitizers. In the “other” category, places for quarantine were mentioned as well as places in hospitals that would accommodate non-COVID-19 cases. It was also mentioned that masks and sanitizers although became available after a while, they were way beyond afordable for many people. Finally, COVID-19 tests were conducted on a very small scale, and not widely accessible for the masses.

C- Government's Measures

● Total number of respondents: 248

In this section we wanted to investigate how the policies and measures to combat the COVID-19 were undertaken and precepted by African SMEs.


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