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In what may be one of our most surprising endings to a fiscal year, I’m thrilled to announce that Atlanta Compressor, Nashville Compressor, and Charlotte Compressor have collectively won Kaishan’s esteemed Distributor of the Year award. We’ve been hailed for selling the most air compressors of any distributor across North, Central, and South America. I mean it when I say that this award came as a complete shock to our entire company, including me. There’s no scoreboard kept throughout the year for things like this, no tally for us to turn to that shows whether or not we’re in the running against our competitors. We have to take it on our own faith that we’re doing everything we can to boost our sales and truly be helpful to our customers. When it’s hard to keep track of where you stand, it can be tough to keep up a positive mentality. It wasn’t that long ago that we admittedly struggled with the best way to go about selling Kaishan air compressors. We didn’t have much of a plan in place, and that’s when Greg Smith came on board to formulate a new approach. As with any new operation, our efforts were slow to take off. But his leadership and dedication helped us figure out how to finally share these air compressors on a much larger scale. Through perseverance and dedication to growth, we figured out how to best offer our customers the equipment they need. This accomplishment is especially meaningful because it gives us a chance to truly reflect on all the hard work it took from every member of our team to get us here. Accepting the award alongside Robert Honeman, the president of Charlotte Compressor, and Greg gave me a true sense of what it is I really do in this job. It’s not only about the ability to provide a service to customers; it’s also about the chance to create meaningful opportunities for those on the other side of the relationship. When you provide the chance for members of your team to step up and dedicate themselves to everything your business is trying to achieve, the results can be astounding. This award really inspires all of us to not only continue with the hard work we’ve put in but to also take a moment to stop and look back on how far we’ve come. It can be difficult to measure exactly which direction the progress of a business is moving or if it’s even moving at all. I’ll be the first to admit that we often fall short of our goals. That’s the

nature of business, and it can be discouraging at times. But the truth is that if we take a moment to turn around and look behind us, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in the last 10 years. This award speaks to our progress. If that’s not enough motivation to keep us barreling into a bigger and brighter future, then I don’t know what is. So, as we close out the year and head into a brand-new decade, if I have any words of wisdom to provide, they’ve got to be to keep working toward your goals, reflect on how far you’ve come, and appreciate the team who has supported you along the way. You never know what you can achieve. –Morty Hodge



Brings New Efficiency to Worthy Consumers

Kaishan is a leading manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors that we’ve had the pleasure of working with for a long time. Now, Kaishan is introducing a new rotary screw vacuum pump to the U.S. market in their patented KRSV model, which means we’ll be able to supply the need for this equipment in places like medical facilities and large laboratories. These industries are huge consumers of vacuum systems, but they were a branch we couldn’t adequately serve before the KRSV model. Vacuum pumps are a type of positive displacement pump, meaning they create a vacuum by increasing the cavity volume and pumping gas into a portion of that expanded cavity. It’s a cyclical process that moves the gas around consistently, which means it’s a reliable choice for industrial businesses. Rotary screw vacuum pumps are slightly different in that they feature screws that rotate continuously in order to force gas into a chamber and increase pressure. This stable and continuous operation of these types of pumps can be further fine-tuned according to process requirements by simply altering their operating speed. This adjustment not only means this machinery can meet the needs of an even wider range of commercial users, but it also keeps energy use down, ultimately saving these facilities money. Kaishan’s rotary screw vacuum pumps feature low maintenance components and focus on operating with low noise levels. In an industrial setting, these two seemingly simple elements go a long way. Their sophisticated controls allow for fine-tuning of the machine so that it operates based on specific system requirements, and the machine’s sensitivity to changes in performance thresholds is beyond compare. When the system falls below the set threshold, alerts are issued immediately so maintenance can be expedited. This continuously reduces energy consumption, making Kaishan and every piece of equipment they manufacture the most efficient, most economical, and the best for the environment.

If you’re lucky enough to get a good snow day this year, building a snowman is a great way to spend it. That said, building a snowman isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work, and you want to make sure the end result is worth the sore legs and soggy pants. Here are some science-backed strategies for building the perfect snowman. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SNOW Snow is your artistic medium, so make sure you have the right material for your project. Yes, there is a wrong kind of snow to use when building a snowman. You want the snow to be moist enough that it packs well but not so slushy that it collapses under pressure. The ideal snow for building your masterpiece is freshly fallen snow when the temperature is around 32 degrees F. If the snow isn’t quite right, you can moisten it a little by spraying water on it. LOCATION IS EVERYTHING Before you start stacking your snowman, pick the right location for it to hang out. Asphalt will heat up faster, so stick Frosty on a grassy lawn. If you can find a place that will be in the shade when the sun comes out, all the better. PAY ATTENTION TO PROPORTION As you roll the snowballs to form the head and body pieces, keep proportions in mind. This is important for the visual aesthetic of your snowman and overall stability. Mathematician Dr. James Hind from Nottingham Trent University developed a formula for building the perfect snowman. He recommended that a snowman be 64 inches tall, while the sections of the snowman should be 31 inches in diameter for the base, 20 inches in diameter for the middle, and 12 inches in diameter for the head. Once your snowman is built, science has just one rule for decorating: Have fun. Grab a scarf and a top hat, a carrot nose and radish eyes, or a fancy bow tie. Building the perfect snowman means building a snowman that will make you smile when you see it.

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Florida City Battles to End ‘Extreme’ Lights Display LIGHTS OUT After a two-year battle in court, a judge ruled in favor of the Hyatts, claiming the city could not prove the display was dangerous or a nuisance. The city had spent nearly half a million dollars fighting their case. For the Hyatts, Christmas 2016 was a celebration, though their display was restrained due to the timing of the court’s decision. By 2017, “Hyatt Extreme Christmas” was in full swing again, much to their neighbors’ chagrin. Mark Hyatt rode the wave of support for his display all the way to a vacant seat on the Plantation City Council in 2016, but the highs would soon stop there. Plantation news outlets reported in 2018 that Mark Hyatt filed for divorce, effectively ending any hope of another “Hyatt Extreme Christmas.” As the snow has settled, an extravagant lights display has instead become a story of nasty court battles with a sad ending for the Hyatts and their “extreme” Christmas devotees.

There’s nothing quite like the magic of twinkling Christmas lights. But for city officials in Plantation, Florida, Christmas lights are a stark reminder of a prolonged fight, nearly $500,000 in court fees, and continued drama. In 2014, Plantation sued residents Mark and Kathy Hyatt for their “Hyatt Extreme Christmas” lights display, claiming it was a “public nuisance.” Each year, the Hyatts decorated their yard with more than 200,000 lights, snow, a Christmas tree, a Nativity scene, a functioning Ferris wheel, and more. Their creation was featured on two nationally televised programs and attracted flocks of visitors. But, for the Hyatt’s neighbors, extreme didn’t even begin to explain the chaos. Neighbors complained to the city about increased traffic, litter in their yards, and potential injury or death to pedestrians due to the traffic. Police officers in Plantation were dispatched to the light display multiple times each season for complaints by neighbors, accidents, and traffic control.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Beard

Reasons Customers Should Buy Kaishan

There’s an art to growing and maintaining an epic beard. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Follow these expert tips for growing your best beard.

To start, be patient. Resist the urge to trim it for the first 4–6 weeks so your hair grows evenly. Then, make sure your beard matches your face shape. For example, if you have a square or round face, keep the hair fuller on your chin and shorter on the sides. Once it’s grown, trim it regularly. Make sure you wash it thoroughly too, especially during the early stages. A healthy beard isn’t just about the hair but also the skin underneath, so scrub it several times a week. Don’t be afraid to experiment with beard oils to keep your wily hairs in check and healthy. Finally, jumpstart growth by indulging in plenty of B5, B3, and B9 vitamins.

We’re all about Kaishan air compressors. Here are our top five reasons they provide the most peace of mind, every time.

1. They come with a lifetime warranty, no strings attached. You can’t beat that.

2. They have the highest proven energy efficiency in every class.

3. They’re a vertically integrated company, which allows them to control their quality on a scale like nobody else.

4. They require the lowest initial investment, truly making them the lowest-cost machinery available.

5. Every piece of equipment is tested by third parties and verified by the Compressed Air & Gas Institute. Kaishan doesn’t compile their own data, so they can’t bend it.

We’re proud to keep bringing our valued customers the greatest equipment the market has to offer. That’s Kaishan every time.

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Winner of Kaishan’s Distributor of the Year

Build a Snowman With Science! Kaishan’s Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps Florida City Sues Family Over Extreme Christmas Display Why We Love Kaishan Equipment



How Streak Keeps Your Business Moving


Streak is an add-on that builds directly into your Gmail account, and it also has G Suite integrations so it can work inside Sheets, Chat, Drive, and more. The app automatically captures data that runs through these programs, paying specific attention to your contacts and email content. So, whether you’re just beginning a relationship with a new client or in the final stages of closing a deal, you can quickly find and track anything you need for where you are in the process. And it’s all from inside your email, so no extra software is needed. The app also keeps your entire team on the same page about your clients without having to take extra steps of communication to do so. When

client updates are made, Streak automatically shares relevant emails, notes, and even call logs with everyone associated with the project. When every member of your team never misses a beat, it’s like you’re putting your business pipeline on autopilot. That frees everyone up to focus on other aspects of growing the business. You can set up and customize Streak to best fit the needs of your team. It’s as easy as accessing your email and using a simple spreadsheet, and if you know how to use Gmail and Sheets, you already have all the training you need. Streak has many more advanced features to explore and test, but even if you just use its most basic form, you’ll never miss a beat of business.

If your business functions through the use of Gmail or Google Apps, then Streak is a must-have. Built specifically to integrate with both systems, Streak doesn’t organize your customers by contact — it helps you keep track of them by where you are in your business relationship.

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